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At Global Water Intelligence we aim to do two things for our readers:
It has made us the unchallenged leader in high-value business information for the water industry. It is a position we have achieved by following a few simple rules:
  1. We talk to people: the internet has made a certain kind of information omnipresent: press releases and PR announcements are multiplied many thousands of times over, but what about events and opportunities that those involved would rather you didn't know about? What about the thoughts and responses of the people who are really in the know? That kind of information is exclusive, rare and valuable. It comes from a huge list of contacts, a big telephone bill, and an easy conversational manner.
  2. We don’t give up: we spend most of our time at GWI not getting through to people. It is a busy world, and senior people are always on the move. Sometimes it might take 50 phone calls to reach the person with the details of a new project. We don’t give up. We make those 50 phone calls because if we don’t, we know that you will have to.
  3. We believe in something: a magazine without values is a very dry thing. At GWI, we're passionate about the value of water. If we can establish the economic worth of water, then everything else will follow. We'll see investment in extending water services to the poor, and greater efforts to conserve water in those areas facing the crisis of scarcity.
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We run two conferences each year, the Global Water Summit, and the American Water Summit. The annual Global Water Awards are presented at the Global Water Summit. For details on the latest water conferences, see GWI conferences.

Who are we?


Publisher: Christopher Gasson
Christopher is an authority on water finance and markets. After a degree in politics and economics at Oxford University, he worked as a financial journalist and in corporate finance, before acquiring Global Water Intelligence in 2002. He is a regular speaker at water-related conferences, and conducts confidential consultancy assignments on request.
Contact him if you have any query about GWI’s research reports or market analysis, if you are considering a collaboration with GWI, if you need consultancy services or if you are a journalist looking for an inside angle on a water-related story.
Contact: cg@globalwaterintel.com
Editor, Global Water Intelligence: Ian Elkins
Ian joined GWI in 2006 after nine years as a financial journalist with MCM, where he reported on the international bond markets. He has developed a particular expertise in water finance, although his general knowledge of the water sector underpins the accuracy of the information reported in the magazine. He speaks German, Spanish and Russian.
Contact: ie@globalwaterintel.com
Direct line: +44 1865 208 043

Editor, Water Desalination Report: Tom Pankratz
Tom has edited Water Desalination Report since 2004. He has 35 years of experience in the water industry and is a well-known authority on desalination technology. His most significant area of expertise is intakes and outfalls for seawater desalination plants. He is a consultant in the water sector, a regular speaker at conferences, and a member of a number of industry committees.
Contact: tp@globalwaterintel.com


Middle East editor: Tom Scotney
Contact: ts@globalwaterintel.com
Telephone: +44 1865 208 040

Asia editor: Sebastian Lennox
Contact: sl@globalwaterintel.com
Telephone: +44 01865 208 050

China editor: Emma Dou
Contact: ed@globalwaterintel.com
Telephone: +86 10 6298 8863

Australia editor: Max Borchardt
Contact: mb@globalwaterintel.com
Telephone: +61 402 071 483

India editor: Rama Singh Rastogi
Contact: rr@globalwaterintel.com

North Africa: Emilie Filou
Contact: efilou@globalwaterintel.com
Telephone: +44 7779 268 559 

Iberia: Richard Weyndling
Contact: rw@globalwaterintel.com
Telephone: +34 948 210 625
City: Andrew Cavenagh
Contact: cavandy@aol.com

Research and consultancy

Research Director: Jablanka Uzelac
Jablanka leads our growing research and consultancy team. She is responsible for our research project portfolio. Contact her if you have any ideas for future research directions or if you need consultancy services.
Contact: ju@globalwaterintel.com

Senior project manager: Fabiola Alvarado-Revilla
Contact: fa@globalwaterintel.com

Senior Researcher: Lola Arowoshola
Contact: la@globalwaterintel.com
Senior analyst: Hector Brown
Contact: hb@globalwaterintel.com
Research analyst: Gemma Allen
Contact: ga@globalwaterintel.com
Research analyst: Valentina Pinamonti

Project manager: Jelena Stanic
Contact: jstanic@globalwaterintel.com

Senior researcher: Marta Hudecova

Production and commissioning editor: Charlotte Massey
Contact: cm@globalwaterintel.com

Production and commissioning assistant: Paul Hasler
Contact: ph@globalwaterintel.com

Principal consultant: Antoine Schmitt

Contact: aschmitt@globalwaterintel.com


DesalData Editor: Francisco Virgili
Contact: fv@globalwaterintel.com

Developer: Sebastian Iorga
Contact: si@globalwaterintel.com 

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Knowledge and Business Systems Architect: Ioana Coman
Contact: icoman@globalwaterintel.com

Global Water Leaders Group

Secretary General: Samantha Yates
Contact: sy@globalwaterleaders.org

Sales and marketing

Director of North American sales, marketing & business development: Jack Ceadel
Contact Jack if you have questions about The American Water Summit or the AWI Tracker database. 
Contact: jmc@globalwaterintel.com

Advertising and sponsorship manager: Abigail Smith
Contact: asmith@globalwaterintel.com

Advertising and sponsorship sales assistant: Edyta Bednorz
Contact: eb@globalwaterintel.com

GWI subscriptions - sales and marketing manager: Marina Coin
Contact: mc@globalwaterintel.com
WDR & DesalData.com Subscriptions - sales and marketing manager: Ekaterina Edmondson
Contact: ee@globalwaterintel.com

Market Reports: sales and marketing manager: Chantal Marchesi
Contact: cmarchesi@globalwaterintel.com

Conferences and Events

Events director: Jessica Underwood
Contact: junderwood@globalwaterintel.com
Events program manager: Gina Rowland
Contact: growland@globalwaterintel.com

Summit sales and marketing manager: Ruth Newcombe
Contact: rn@globalwaterintel.com
Events co-ordinator: Alex Cheetham
Contact: acheetham@globalwaterintel.com
Events co-ordinator: Emma Lupton
Contact: elupton@globalwaterintel.com

Accounts and Operations

Accounts director: Andrew Ferry
Andrew heads up the accounts department. Contact him with queries relating to making payments to Media Analytics Ltd.
Contact: af@globalwaterintel.com
Telephone: +44 1865 208 048

Office manager and HR: Jeanette Cowley

Contact: jcowley@globalwaterintel.com

Customer Contact Manager: Tammy Coffin
Contact: tc@globalwaterintel.com

Database Coordinator: Charles Watson
Contact: cwatson@globalwaterintel.com

Customer services executive: Ewa Legowik
Contact: el@globalwaterintel.com
Customer services executive: Rachel Painter
Contact Rachel: rp@globalwaterintel.com
Technical: Mayur Pant 
Contact: mp@globalwaterintel.com
Digital Project Manager: Camilla Wright Premachandra
Contact: cp@globalwaterintel.com

Company history

Global Water Intelligence was launched in June 2000 by the CWC Group, with Peter Allison as editor. Initially it focused on the private water market, but Christopher Gasson’s Media Analytics Ltd. acquired it in September 2002, with just the editor transferring to the new owner. In 2003 GWI launched Desalination Tracker, which, together with our 2004 Desalination Markets report, transformed the fortunes of the company.
In 2005 Media Analytics acquired two related publications: the IDA Worldwide Desalting Plant Inventory, and Water Desalination Report. WDR was founded in 1965 by Dick Smith, and had a very established but irreverent position as the chronicle of the desalination industry. Dick Smith, who had edited the magazine single-handedly from a wheelchair following a car accident which left him partially paralysed, retired after the acquisition. Tom Pankratz took over the title.
The Inventory was also founded in 1965. It had been published in recent years by German desalination consultant Klaus Wangnick. Under Media Analytics’ ownership, the Inventory was recast as the IDA Desalination Yearbook and DesalData.com
Today, the company employs around 40 people at its Oxford headquarters, and a further half dozen or so at various locations around the world.