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* Energy Recovery, Inc. has won the contract to supply its PX Pressure Exchanger energy recovery devices to the 140,000m3/d Southern Seawater Desalination Plant (SSDP) in Western Australia.

The plant will be built by a consortium of Técnicas Reunidas, Valoriza Agua, AJ Lucas and WorleyParsons.

* United Envirotech has raised S$17.1 million (US$12.3 million) in net proceeds from the sale of 40 million new shares at S$0.4275 (US$0.31) per share. The new shares represent approximately 9.1% of the enlarged share capital of the company.

* Sinomem, meanwhile, has completed its S$30 million (US$21 million) share issue, pricing 50 million new shares at S$0.62 (US$0.44) each. The deal represents just under 10% of the enlarged share capital of the company.

* On the operational side, Sinomem has broadened its footprint into the membrane-based drinking water treatment business in China, winning a 30-year BOT contract to upgrade and expand an existing 22,000m3/d sand filtration plant in Jilin Province. When completed, the 100,000m3/d plant will rank as one of the largest membrane-based drinking water treatment plants in China. The total investment is around RMB350 million ($51 million).

* Siemens Water Technologies has signed an RMB42 million (€4.2 million) contract with Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. in China to provide a biological nutrient removal system for upgrading and retrofitting the Xianyang Road WWTP in Tianjin. The system is designed to treat flows of 450,000m3/d.

* Suez Environnement has won a DBO sludge treatment contract with the China- Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park in Jiangsu Province. Degrémont will construct the plant, generating revenues of around €11 million. The 30-year O&M contract will generate further revenues of €280 million and will be managed by Park SIP Sino French Environment Technology Co. Ltd., a 49/51 joint venture between Sino French Water and China Singapore Public Utilities, in which Suez Environnement holds 24.5%. The plant’s design capacity of 300 t/d is planned to be doubled within the next five years.