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Manila Water Company, Manila’s East Zone concessionaire, is negotiating a joint venture with DMCI-MPIC Water Company Inc. (DMWCI), the owner of Maynilad Water, the West Zone concessionaire, to provide infrastructure to supply bulk water to Bulacan, a province neighbouring Manila with a population of around 5.5 million people.

* The first phase of the project will cover 10 towns, and is targetted for completion by 2010. The second phase will include another five towns by 2012, with all towns to be covered by 2017. The cost of the project is estimated at PHP11 billion ($231 million). Meanwhile, Manila Water is awaiting final government clearance to extend its concession until 2037.

* United Envirotech's Chinese subsidiary NOVO has been awarded an RMB150 million ($22 million) five-year O&M contract from the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) to operate the wastewater treatment plant at its Huizhou refinery. The WWTP was constructed by NOVO in 2008 on an EPC basis, and this is the first time that United Envirotech has secured a follow-on O&M contract after having delivered an EPC plant.

* Epure International has established a joint venture with Beijing Sound Environment Group to undertake a 30-year BOT project in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, China. BJ Sound Enviro and Epure will own 85% and 15% respectively in the joint venture company, Lanzhou Guyuan Water Co., Ltd. The JV will invest RMB129 million ($19 million) in a 100,000m3/d wastewater treatment plant, of which the equity portion is expected to be approximately 30%.

* Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has selected GE Water to design and construct a water reclamation plant at the company's Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) facility. The 12,000m3/d plant will produce high-quality water for reuse in manufacturing.

* Siemens Ltd. Thailand has been awarded a contract by MTP HPPO Manufacturing Co. Ltd., a joint venture between The Dow Chemical Company and the Siam Cement Group (SCG), for water treatment and wastewater treatment plants to serve a complex being built by Dow, SCG and Solvay at the Asia Industrial Estate in Rayong, Thailand.