Chart of the Month - Reverse osmosis membrane suppliers’ market share 2008-9

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This month’s chart comes from our recent DesalData webinar.

It shows the market share of the major reverse osmosis membrane suppliers, measured on the basis of the new contracts recorded in the 21st and 22nd GWI/IDA Worldwide Desalting Plant Inventories (a subset of the total RO membrane market). One would expect that the equation for leadership would be “volume sales x production costs = long-term market advantage”, but Dow cannot afford to rest on its laurels. Toray has made great progress in closing the gap with the market leaders, and the others are not out of it. Toyobo has enjoyed some some big wins in the Gulf (although none in the period in question), and Woongjin has been pushing hard. With Koch’s automated production facility now online, we can expect some pretty bitter price competition over the next few years.