New JBIC loan for Sabesp

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SÃO PAULO STATE WATER COMPANY, Companhia de Saneamento Básico de São Paulo (Sabesp) received a $150 million loan from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) last month.

The Japanese credit, together with $100 million of counter-part funding from the São Paulo state government, will be invested in basic sanitation schemes in seven municipalities in the Baixada Santista, the seaboard area centred on Santos.

The work, to start in the last quarter of this year, covers seven WwTPs, a pre-treatment plant for a sea outfall, 1000km of sewerage networks and 90,000 domestic connections. Work will also involve the installation of a high-tech monitoring system for the region aimed at preserving the quality of water catchment areas and improve bathing conditions at local beaches.

The Baixada Santista Environmental Recovery Programme is expected to benefit an area with a population of well over 1 million people. It is targeted at low-income areas where 51.7% of families earn less than $250 a month.

It covers Santos, Latin America’s busiest and largest port and neighbouring industrial centre, Cubatao as well as the resort areas of Sao Vicente, Praia Grande, Mongaguá, Itanhaem, Peruibe, Bertioga and Guaruja.