Acuamed tenders new batch

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The roll-out of Spain’s desalination programme continues. Will there be an opportunity for a foreign company in the new tranche?

Spain’s AGUA desalination programme moved up a gear this month with the publication by Acuamed, the government water company, of tenders for the design, construction and operation of three more plants for Spain’s Mediterranean coast. The biggest prize for potential bidders will be the 15-year DBO contract on the 80,000m3/d SWRO plant for Campo de Dalías, in the province of Almería in Andalucía. The province, whose horticulture industry generates a huge demand for water, already has one large plant in service (Carboneras), one under construction (Nijar), and another (Bajo Almanzora), where construction is about to start.

The other two projects are a 24,000m3/d SWRO plant for Denia in Alicante and a 22,000m3/d SWRO plant for Sagunto in Valencia, both 15-year DBO contracts. Separate contracts for technical assistance in the construction of all three plants have also been put out to tender.
The government’s push to achieve 1,370,000m3/d of new desalination capacity is now well underway. Cadagua is building the large Valdelentisco plant in Murcia, due to come online next year, and another AGUA programme project, the Alicante II plant, is being built by Inima. Contracts were awarded in the summer for the two biggest plants in the programme, Torrevieja (Acciona Agua) and El Prat del Llobregat (Degrémont, Drace, Agbar), for the large Águilas plant (Cadagua and Sadyt) and for the medium-sized Bajo Almanzora plant (Aqualia and Befesa).