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* Aqua America has completed two new acquisitions for a combined purchase price of $130,000.

In North Carolina, Aqua bought North Chatham Water and Sewer Company, while in Pennsylvania, the company acquired a wastewater system in Chester County.

* The IADB aims to loan Peru up to $2.5 billion over the next four years to help President Alan Garcia meet promises on its “Water For All” policy. The Andean Development Corporation (CAF), meanwhile, aims to approve loans of over $1 billion to Peru by the end of this year. Sector regulator Sunass has approved investments worth $785 million by the end of Garcia’s term in 2011, but Sunass says Peru needs over $3 billion in water investment over that period.

* Guatemalan lawmakers are drawing up a new water law that seeks to map the Central American nation’s rivers, lakes and reservoirs, as well as protecting its water sources, especially over-exploited aquifers. The initiative comes as Guatemala suffers unbridled and unregulated water use from industry and agriculture, while its main cities face growing water shortages.

* In contract ops, CH2M Hill OMI has secured an 8-year extension to its O&M contract in Farmington, NM, whilst notching up 5-year extensions to O&M partnerships in the Florida cities of Quincy and Live Oak. In Dallas, OR, meanwhile, the company signed a 3-year O&M contract relating to the city’s 12,870m3/d wastewater facility. United Water, meanwhile, has inked a $1.8 million 5-year contract to operate and maintain three wastewater treatment facilities in DeSoto County, MS.

* Schlumberger Water Services has acquired Water Management Consultants, an international consulting firm providing solutions for the mining industry. WMC provides innovative solutions to help manage the large volumes of water involved in excavation, ore processing, and leach dynamics.

* Basin Water Inc. has completed its $11.8 million acquisition of Mobile Process Technology (MPT), which provides technology and services to the water treatment and industrial process markets. MPT is forecast to have annual sales of approximately $6 million in 2007.