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* The city of Vienna, GA, has selected CH2M Hill OMI to continue operating and maintaining its wastewater treatment system for another 15 years.

OMI has been managing the city’s 1.5MGD (5,677m3/d) wastewater treatment facility, as well as other water-related infrastructure, since September 1994.

* State-controlled Argentine water utility AySA plans to invest $1.8 billion over the next four years to reach 100% drinking water coverage for Buenos Aires, and to take sewerage coverage to 80%. Almost a year since the departure of Suez from the capital city, AySA plans two new drinking water plants and aims to renew pipelines. AySA is depending on federal funds and IADB and World Bank loans.

* S&P has raised the corporate ratings for American States Water Company and its primary water utility subsidiary, Golden State Water Company to ‘A’ with a stable outlook, reflecting improvements in the company’s financial profile.

* International arbitration tribunal ICSID has ruled in favour of Vivendi and its Argentine subsidiary Compañía de Aguas del Aconquija (CAA), in a dispute related to the Tucuman water concession, which started in 1995 and was terminated in 1997. ICSID determined that provincial officials violated the rights of Vivendi and CAA, and awarded the companies $105 million in damages.

* Aqua America has acquired the Auburn Lakes water system in Ohio, which serves approximately 1,200 people. Aqua paid $400,000 to purchase the system from the Auburn Lakes Limited Partnership.

* The Indianapolis Board of Public Works has approved a recommendation that United Water operate the city’s wastewater treatment facilities for the next contract period, which starts on 1st January 2008. United Water has operated the Indianapolis facilities through a PPP since 1994.

* Chibby Alloway has recently been appointed EVP and chief technical officer at Veolia Water North America. He will report directly to Joe Burgess, president and CEO of Veolia Water NA. A 37-year water industry veteran, Alloway has managed the company’s western US business since 1997. Chuck Voltz will henceforth serve as president of Veolia Water NA-West.