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American leaves utility peers in the dust Vol 13, Issue 1 (January 2012)

American Water was the runaway winner amongst the quoted US water utilities in 2011. What are the prospects for 2012?

O&Ms rebound in areas tight on water and money Vol 2, Issue 6 (June 2011)

Smaller municipal budgets mean cities look to the private sector’s deeper pockets

Pennichuck sales up despite legal battles Vol 2, Issue 4 (April 2011)

Company says rumors of a takeover by Veolia are unfounded, however

AMERICAS WATER IN BRIEF Vol 12, Issue 3 (March 2011)

* Shares in Heckmann Corporation rose by more than 7% after the company announced encouraging full-year results on 14 March.

What China stock boom? Vol 2, Issue 2 (February 2011)

The boring old economies of America and Europe were the place to be in 2010, at least for stock market investors, and this held true for water sector investing as well.

AMERICA WATER IN BRIEF Vol 12, Issue 1 (January 2011)

* San Antonio Water System (SAWS) issued a request for proposals on 14 January as it seeks alternative water sources to help diversify the city’s long-term water supply.

$200M settles dispute between New Hampshire town, Pennichuck Vol 1, Issue 3 (December 2010)

Nashua will use stock transfer, assume debt in acquiring company, ending 8-year conflict

Municipal Vol 1, Issue 3 (December 2010)

The Poseidon/Carlsbad saga is plowing forward, as permitting looks to be about 90% complete for the contentious 50MGD desal plant in Carlsbad, CA.

Water index powers ahead, led by US Vol 11, Issue 12 (December 2010)

A strong performance from the US equipment manufacturers contributed to a strong performance for the GWI Global Water Index this month. A sell-off in the UK amid a poor results season took the shine off.

AMERICA WATER IN BRIEF Vol 11, Issue 11 (November 2010)

* Patrick Cairo has been appointed to the position of senior VP of corporate development at United Water.