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Chart of the month - How the private water market has changed since 2003 Vol 15, Issue 12 (December 2014)

This month’s chart comes from GWI’s new database of public-private partnerships, published alongside our Private Sector Participation in Water market report.

Social tariffs dominate UK half-time results Vol 15, Issue 12 (December 2014)

The increasing prevalence of affordable tariff structures among UK water companies is a double-edged sword. How will it affect margins in the sector?

Europe Water In Brief Vol 15, Issue 12 (December 2014)

The Catalan government has failed to reach agreement with Agbar-controlled water operator Aigües de Barcelona on an €800 million securitisation of revenue from water tax in metropolitan Barcelona to relieve pressure on regional finances.

UK water sector shrugs off WACC haircut Vol 15, Issue 12 (December 2014)

The regulator’s final price determinations for 2015-2020 held few surprises for the market when they were announced earlier this month. The sector’s lowest ever cost of capital still leaves room for outperformance.

Pitching for a share of Scotland’s water Vol 15, Issue 12 (December 2014)

The steady stream of private suppliers entering the competitive Scottish market belies the margins on offer. How will things shake out when the English market opens up in 2017?

The bite and bark of the covenant Vol 15, Issue 12 (December 2014)

Ofwat’s revised regulatory regime could spell ratings erosion for some of the highly leveraged UK water companies. The solution need not be painful.

Europe Water In Brief Vol 15, Issue 11 (November 2014)

Veolia Environnement has launched a tender offer to buy back up to €200 million of outstanding bonds due in February 2016, January 2017 and April 2019.

Welsh Water wants to HelpU Vol 15, Issue 11 (November 2014)

A new social tariff structure announced by Welsh Water could put pressure on the English water companies. What are the implications for dividends?

Europe Water In Brief Vol 15, Issue 10 (October 2014)

UK water pipeline rehabilitation company Aqualiner is looking to raise £2.5 million of fresh equity at a pre-money valuation of £6 million to fund a global roll-out of its patented technology, which reduces pipe replacement costs by lining deteriorated pipe interiors with a glassreinforced thermoplastic coating.

More comfort for Tideway bidders Vol 15, Issue 10 (October 2014)

Ofwat has revealed additional provisions to protect the eventual developer of the Thames Tideway project. No wonder firms are lining up in droves.