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MEPs reject water liberalisation strategy Vol 5, Issue 4 (April 2004)

It looks as if the private sector will not be able to rely on the EU to force water privatisation across the continent. The decision is welcomed in Germany.

THE UK SCENE Vol 5, Issue 4 (April 2004)

In Britain, the government warned of “significant real price rises” to enable water companies to meet their quality targets.

Breaking up Thames International Vol 5, Issue 3 (March 2004)

Thames is looking at the options for its international portfolio. There are a number of complications.

COMPANY NEWS Vol 5, Issue 3 (March 2004)

Another company with a new name is Philadelphia Suburban Corporation, which reported full year results earlier this month as Aqua America.

DEMERGERS Vol 5, Issue 3 (March 2004)

South Staffordshire Group confirmed that it was considering demerging its regulated water business.

Financing the Water Framework Directive Vol 5, Issue 3 (March 2004)

The EU’s big plan involves big money. David Lloyd Owen looks at the challenge for the UK water sector.

RWE water business hones its focus Vol 5, Issue 3 (March 2004)

RWE announced a shake-up of its water business at its year-end results presentation last month. Thames Water’s international interests outside Europe and America may be sold as the company focuses its investment on eastern Europe.

The billionaire’s garage sale Vol 5, Issue 3 (March 2004)

RWE is considering selling some of its water assets. It should sell more.

Aquatrine winners coy on finance Vol 5, Issue 2 (February 2004)

The UK’s Ministry of Defence contracts will need capital investment. UK correspondent Andrew Cavenagh asks where will it come from?

CORPORATE FINANCE Vol 5, Issue 2 (February 2004)

Suez and Veolia continued their return to favour with the markets. The two companies’ share prices are up more than 20% since the beginning of November.