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Vol 3, Issue 11 (November 2002)

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In Global Water Inteligence this month

Need to know

Project Tracker

Charting the progress of over 900 Desal, Reuse and PPP water projects in the international water industry.

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Project Tracker Database
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Perris II De... United States 27 July 15 Attendees from...
Brazosport B... United States 24 July 15 $28.3 million ...
Sherman RO e... United States 24 July 15 Despite being ...
Regional Sou... United States 24 July 15 $8 million of ...
Dahej SEZ SWRO India 23 July 15 A joint meetin...
Malibu MBR, CA United States 27 July 15 The deadline f...
Riverside Pa... United States 27 July 15 An RFQ seeking...
San Angelo p... United States 24 July 15 Despite applyi...
Paso Robles ... United States 23 July 15 Preliminary de...
Pismo Beach ... United States 23 July 15 A planning stu...
Township of ... Canada 27 July 15 An RFP has bee...
Woodbury pri... United States 27 July 15 As of late Jul...
West Point O... United States 27 July 15 Following the ...
Linhai WWTP ... China 23 July 15 The deadline o...
Jacarepaguá ... Brazil 23 July 15 Following the ...


News & Features

GWI Water Index

Water on the markets this month:

Global Water139.6-8.1%10 Jun – 10 Jul
Asia Water121.6-19.2%10 Jun – 10 Jul
EMEA Water102.2-2.2%10 Jun – 10 Jul
Americas Water173.2-1.3%10 Jun – 10 Jul

Market Profile

Chart of the month


Water and sanitation high up Lula’s agenda

The new left-wing government in Brazil has identified basic sanitation as a priority for investment. But projects are to be publicly run and funded.

The PT and privatisation

State water companies are not for sale – with the exception of Embasa.

Asia pacific


The genius of leverage

It says something about the naivety of the UK regulator that in response to the trend towards highly leveraged water companies in England and Wales, he commissioned a study – published last month – on the extent to which he should take capital costs into account in price regulation (see report, p.14).

Oxera report on leverage and capital structure

By leveraging up, water companies have turned the tables on the regulator.

Vivendi waits

Vivendi is still tied up in the process of acquiring the UK’s Southern Water.

New water support plans from German ministry

Funds are to be made available to support projects in Syria, Jordan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

SIAAP chooses Ondeo... and Vivendi

Both of the big two French companies have won contracts in their own backyard.

Middle East and North Africa

What will the Saudis do next?

So water could be decoupled from the Saudi Gas Initiative (see p.8). It is difficult to know whether this should be a reason for hope or despair. Valued at $25 billion, the gas venture was billed as one of the largest private sector projects in the Middle East.

Taweelah RO project to be rebid

ADWEA is unhappy with the proposals it received in October and has called for new offers.

Saudis shift closer to IWPP route

The IWPP model is emerging as the most likely way of developing power and water projects at Shoaiba, Ras Al-Zour and Jubail.

Leak reduction offers a chance to shine

Reducing leakage and consumption is a cost-effective alternative to desalination, and private water companies may be able to help in the Kingdom’s big cities.

The tariff problem

Tariffs simply must rise but there are social issues to consider.

Vivendi takes over in Rabat

By acquiring Redal’s utility services concession.

Biwater edges towards Dawasa deal

The UK’s Biwater is playing a waiting game in Dar es Salaam but has ruffled a few feathers in Francophile Africa.

Prosecutions to commence in Nelspruit

Biwater is owed R17 million in unpaid bills and has hired a law firm to take debtors to court.

South Africa’s leaking pipes

Leakage rates in South Africa are as high as 30% and that simply isn’t good enough.

Umgeni moves out of the red

Thanks to a cost-pruning programme.

News in brief