Smart Water Networks

Smart Water Networks


Help utilities save water and money

According to a report by Sensus, utilities could save up to $12.5 billion by implementing smart water systems, so there are huge opportunities for smart water companies who are offering the right solutions. Smart water networks will allow utilities to monitor and maximise existing water supplies, respond to regulatory pressure for improved customer services using cloud-based platforms, save expenditure on new infrastructure to secure water supplies and generally their network efficiency overall. There are also long-term benefits – saving water resources now will stand utilities in good stead for a future characterised by climate change, increasing water scarcity and population growth.

Highlighting your business case

The biggest challenge for utilities is formulating a strong enough business case to justify investment in smart water networks – and your job is to help them recognise the benefits. The report analyses market trends and the challenges faced by utilities, so you can devise strong strategies to convince utilities that adopting your solution will be a worthwhile investment.

Designed to help you pitch the right solution in the right markets, this report is your guide to identifying the biggest opportunities for your solution now, planning your product development, or devising strategies to partner with businesses who complement your offering – so you can evaluate the potential of providing an integrated smart solutions to meet the changing needs of utilities.

The industry is still fragmented, giving you the ideal opportunity to establish your business as a leading players. The report is your essential tool to planning your involvement:

  • Global market size and growth rates for the smart network product market –plan your business strategy in smart water for the next 5-10 years
  • Key market players – we identify the market players, so you can identify your potential partners or competitors and plan your market entry with the right smart solution
  • Identify the top markets – the report has a global approach but focuses in on the markets with best prospects and the most activity, so you can capitalise on growth in these regions ahead of your competitors
  • Market trends – the report highlights the key emerging market trends in smart water, helping you to effectively pitch your solution and support it with a strong business case
  • Analysis of the ‘smart water network’ and its components – identify the existing prospects for your smart solution and pinpoint opportunities to develop your product and partner with other ‘smart’ businesses.


Market analysis: the smart architecture

The report offers a market analysis for every component of the smart water network, including forecasts, technology trends and market player analysis. Designed to help you pitch the right solution in the right markets, this report is your guide to identifying the biggest opportunities for your solution now, planning your product development, or devising strategies to partner with businesses that complement your offering – so you can evaluate the potential of providing an integrated smart solutions to meet the changing needs of utilities:

The smart product market:

  • Pumps, valves pipes. etc
  • Sensing and control technologies
  • Collection and communication solutions
  • Data management and display
  • Data fusion and analysis




Key opportunities and regions

Smart Water Networks takes a global approach to the market, but focuses on trends and opportunities in the areas with the most activity, including the USA, Israel, UK and Australia. So you can get find your foothold in the market, the report explores the following major opportunities:

  • Leakage reduction – non-revenue water through leakage is high globally, even in developed markets, and utilities are losing both revenue and water. We identify significant opportunities in the smart architecture, so you know exactly how and where to pitch your smart solution to utilities.
  • Smart Metering – conventional meters and low meter deployment are becoming the source of billing inaccuracies (often to the detriment of the utility) in a relatively short time span. We show you the markets driven by revenue losses or regulations that demand improved customer information and services – so you can identify the markets with the best opportunities for your solution.
  • Software and cloud-based services – adopting smart systems will result in highly granular data which utilities are not equipped to handle. We show you how this is creating opportunities for software companies to offer data processing services so that utilities can monitor water supply and spend more efficiently. 
  • Outsourcing – this report demonstrates why emerging markets with big budgets offer exciting opportunities for smart water network businesses. We identify the regions with the potential to invest in smart solutions but without the local expertise to manage these systems, so you can identify the regions with the biggest demand for your expertise.
  • Integrated solutions and partnerships – we show you how partnering with key players in the smart networks architecture to offer an integrated solution will give you the key to success in getting by in from your target utilities.

Why should you read this report - breakdown by company type

Equipment suppliers in the physical layer (pumps, valves, pipes etc.) – understand the changing needs of utilities, how developments in the industry will affect your products and how to improve your product offering in light of these ‘smart’ developments.

Instrumentation companies – this report will help you identify the regions with biggest demand for your real-time data collection and network monitoring technologies, understand the trends that are driving demand for your services and plan your approach to new markets.

Communication companies – Understand/evaluate the communication challenges utilities face to provide improved communication protocols and plan your partnerships with other businesses in the smart architecture to improve your offering.

Data management companies – this report will forecast the regions with the highest spend on smart solutions so you can identify the markets with the best prospects or your solution.

Software companies – we identify the major players and technologies so you can plan the development of your product to offer improved management and monitoring options. The report also provides regional forecasts so you can plan your 5 year strategy.

System integrators – this report will help you identify potential partners and plan your entry into new markets, offering market player analysis, a study of regional trends and spending forecasts.

Investors and consultants – understand market drivers, technology trends and regional developments, so you can assess the technology companies that offer investment potential or advise your clients on how to expand their business.

Utilities – understand the global market and regional adoption trends, and identify the various solutions that will help your utility operate more efficiently – so you can make a business case for investment in smart water.

Report structure

  • Introduction
  • Market dynamics - drivers, challenges, opportunities, regional trends
  • Market analysis per layer in the smart water architecture
  • Services market - outsourcing and software as a service

Market forecast categories

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