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MOVERS Vol 14, Issue 12 (December 2013)

American Water CEO Jeff Sterba is to retire in May next year.

The folly of forgetting Asia Vol 14, Issue 12 (December 2013)

Willy Yeo cautions against taking even one eye off the Asian water market.

What’s new for 2014? Vol 14, Issue 12 (December 2013)

Christopher Gasson looks into his crystal ball and sees last year’s predictions coming back to haunt him. Fortunately, some things have moved on.

Where is the desalination market? Vol 14, Issue 12 (December 2013)

The market has not grown substantially for the past six years, but at last it seems we may be ready to return to normal growth. It is a different industry today than it was in 2007. Christopher Gasson investigates.

A CAPITALIST COUNTRY Vol 14, Issue 11 (November 2013)

The cause of private water in America took two steps forward, and one step back this month.

A collaborative approach to water investment Vol 14, Issue 11 (November 2013)

The increasing risks faced by global oil and gas companies mean that they will have to step up their investment in water technologies. Going it alone will not be enough.

ARAB SUMMER Vol 14, Issue 11 (November 2013)

Libya is open for desal business again after a four-year hiatus.

NEW MONEY Vol 14, Issue 11 (November 2013)

SKion, the investment fund backed by BMW heiress Susanne Klatten, has made its largest acquisition in the water business to date.

One billion people can’t be wrong Vol 14, Issue 11 (November 2013)

David Lloyd Owen presents his fifteenth annual review of PSP in the international water arena. With a seventh of the world’s population now served by the private sector, what’s next in the market for outsourced services?

WASTEWATER DREAMS Vol 14, Issue 11 (November 2013)

The Catalan government in Spain has proposed packaging the 453 wastewater treatment plants in the region into a single concession.