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NEW MONEY Vol 14, Issue 11 (November 2013)

SKion, the investment fund backed by BMW heiress Susanne Klatten, has made its largest acquisition in the water business to date.

One billion people can’t be wrong Vol 14, Issue 11 (November 2013)

David Lloyd Owen presents his fifteenth annual review of PSP in the international water arena. With a seventh of the world’s population now served by the private sector, what’s next in the market for outsourced services?

WASTEWATER DREAMS Vol 14, Issue 11 (November 2013)

The Catalan government in Spain has proposed packaging the 453 wastewater treatment plants in the region into a single concession.

Water in World War Z Vol 14, Issue 11 (November 2013)

Christopher Gasson believes that indebtedness is a major problem for the global economy, but it need not be an issue for the water industry.

Xylem results drive GWI Index to new high Vol 14, Issue 11 (November 2013)

Both Xylem and the GWI Water Index reached all-time highs this month. With activist investors stepping up activity in the water space, how much value creation is yet to come?

CHART OF THE MONTH - Rickards Real Cost Water Index (calculated by IBM) Vol 14, Issue 10 (October 2013)

This month’s chart shows the Rickards Real Cost Water Index, as calculated by Waterfund LLC and IBM’s InfoSphere BigInsights.

DESAL DIFFICULTIES Vol 14, Issue 10 (October 2013)

Petro Rabigh seems to have lost patience with its water and power supplier, after the Rabigh Arabian Water and Electricity Company suffered a second power outage during September.

Realising the true power of water Vol 14, Issue 10 (October 2013)

Tighter environmental regulations and water scarcity are pushing power plant operators to rethink their water supply and wastewater strategies. How can the water industry make the most of the opportunities?

The real water wars Vol 14, Issue 10 (October 2013)

Christopher Gasson argues that mayors should think like bad-ass drug lords when it comes to extending the reach of their services.

EVERYTHING MUST GO Vol 14, Issue 9 (September 2013)

John Deere has put its water division up for sale. The farm equipment company has until recently been vocal about the potential it saw in the water sector, although last month it took a $44 million impairment charge on the business.