Desalination & Water Reuse

Municipalities and industries are turning to alternative water treatment solutions such as reuse driving a resurgence in activity. This report shows the main drivers, trends, and restraints affecting the market for advanced treatment technologies for desalination and reuse in each country. 

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American Water Summit

The American Water Summit 2017 will be the forum for discussion and interaction among the highest echelons of the water sector, facilitating proactive partnerships that will form the linchpins of the business in the years to come. 
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Nobody knows anything, so let’s consolidate

In Hollywood they say “Nobody knows anything” with a certain amount of pride. There is a certain machismo in gambling hundreds of millions of dollars on a blockbuster new movie in the full knowledge that it may well fail.

Nobody knows anything in the water industry either, but the difference is that Hollywood goes to great lengths to preview its products with different audiences,...

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Water and wastewater project tracker

Charting the progress of over 800 Desal, Reuse and PPP water projects in the international water industry

Project Tracker Database
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Ridgecrest W... United States 25 May 17 The final site... Reuse
Chester syst... United States 25 May 17 The board unan... Utility
Maynard O&M ... United States 25 May 17 Only Veolia is... Utility
Pure Water M... United States 25 May 17 Attendees at t... Reuse
Valcartier g... Canada 25 May 17 The response d... Utility


Market Report: Industrial Water Services & Chemicals

Investigating the unique water challenges in each industry and how these challenges are creating opportunities for full solution providers. chemical suppliers and oilfield service companies. Read More


Global Water Market 2017 Sample: Italy

Global Water Market 2017 goes beyond the geographic focus of previous editions of GWI’s bestselling information resource to create a detailed matrix of market analysis by technology, by end user, by business model and by product type. Read more

Global Tariff Survwey.png

Global Water Tariff Survey 2016

Find out how much utilities charge for water and wastewater with GWI's 2016 water tariff survey. Compare water tariffs back to 2011, and see the increases in combined water and wastewater charges.

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GWI Water Index

Water on the markets this month:

Global Water156.04-0.98%Value on 10 May
Asia Water120.51-3.46%Value on 10 May
EMEA Water110.11-3.79%Value on 10 May
Americas Water216.79-1.27%Value on 10 May