Financing Water to 2030

Providing a detailed understanding of how capital flows in the water sector will change in the next 10 years, and the current finance sources & private sector opportunities for water.

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GWI WaterData

WaterData is a single-source for all data critical to business planning for the water industry. In a highly fragmented market like water, consolidating all the information you need to build a robust strategy is a challenge.
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A Scarce Commodity

The youngest state in India is on the verge of completing an irrigation project of unparalleled ambition which will provide a vital supply of water to more than 3.3 million ha of agricultural land.
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Sustainability is dead; resilience, dying. What next?

What is the new green buzzword that can be used to sell the water sector? I fear that the ones we have been using for the last decade and a half are both losing currency. “Sustainability” was great for the water sector because it just about summed up everything that we try to do. “Resilience” was also pretty powerful, particularly when trying to make the case for...

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Water and wastewater project tracker

Charting the progress of over 800 Desal, Reuse and PPP water projects in the international water industry

Project Tracker Database
(Subscription Requried)
Doheny Desal... United States 15 Jun 18 The scope of w... Desal
North Miami ... United States 15 Jun 18 It would seem ... Utility
Perris II De... United States 15 Jun 18 Firms interest... Desal
North Pleasa... United States 15 Jun 18 The City of Ca... Desal
FGUA O&M, FL United States 15 Jun 18 In addition to... Utility

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Global Water Summit

Renowned for its high-level attendance, thought-leading content and unrivalled networking opportunities, The Global Water Summit is widely known as the leading water industry conference and is vital in shaping the movements of the water industry each year. Read More


Global Water Market 2017 Sample: Italy

Global Water Market 2017 goes beyond the geographic focus of previous editions of GWI’s bestselling information resource to create a detailed matrix of market analysis by technology, by end user, by business model and by product type. Read more

Tariff Survey Map 2017.png

Global Water Tariff Survey 2017

Find out how much utilities charge for water and wastewater from around the world with the Global Water Tariff Survey 2017. Compare water tariffs back to 2011, and see the increases in combined water and wastewater charges. Read more

GWI Water Index

Water on the markets this month:

GWI IndexValueChangeDate
Global Water155.251.01%10 May
Asian Water106.45-1.04%10 May
EMEA Water90.715.58%10 May
Americas Water245.910.54%10 May