Global Water Market 2017: Published 12th April 2016

The latest edition of the Global Water Market is the most expansive yet.

Covering every angle of the global water sector, this report is the ultimate business development tool and is a must have resource for any water company looking to grow their business or bankers and consultants advising on deals in the water sector.

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Global Water Summit 2016

Global Water Summit 2016 — 'Water 2050'

The flagship water industry event of the year. Attracting top executives from industry, municipalities and international water companies, you will have the opportunity to connect with hard-to-reach industry insiders that will not attend any other water event.


Free Global Water Market 2017 Sample: Italy

Global Water Market 2017 goes beyond the geographic focus of previous editions of GWI’s bestselling information resource to create a detailed matrix of market analysis by technology, by end user, by business model and by product type.

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Between Iran and China, where’s the opportunity?

Two countries made a big impression on me at last week’s Global Water Summit in Abu Dhabi: Iran and China.

Iran is in the news because – with the end of sanctions – it looks like the next big market waiting to take off, and the round table sessions hosted by the Iranian delegation were very much over-subscribed. China, on the other hand, is the next big competitor in the...

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In GWI magazine this month

Water and wastewater project tracker

Charting the progress of over 800 Desal, Reuse and PPP water projects in the international water industry

Project Tracker Database
(Subscription Requried)
Monterey Gro... United States 29 Apr 16 The following ... Reuse
As-Samra WWT... Jordan 29 Apr 16 Fichtner was a... WWTP
Djibouti SWRO Djibouti 29 Apr 16 The tender has... Desal
Umm Al-Hayma... Kuwait 29 Apr 16 The Kharafi co... WWTP
Coachella Va... United States 28 Apr 16 At its meeting... Reuse

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Market Report: Desalination Markets 2016

It has never been more important for businesses to have a robust strategy when it comes to capitalising on emerging desalination activity. Desalination Markets 2016 is the only report you need for planning your future activity and for... Read more


Market Report: Industrial Water Services & Chemicals

Investigating the unique water challenges in each industry and how these challenges are creating opportunities for full solution providers. chemical suppliers and oilfield service companies. 

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Majis Industrial Services SAOC - Request for Expressions of interest

Majis Industrial Services SAOC has issued a request for expressions of interest for qualified and experienced Contractors for a 5MLD BOO RO Plant

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GWI Water Index

Water on the markets this month:

Global Water141.376.28%Value on 10 Apr
Asia Water108.318.01%Value on 10 Apr
EMEA Water105.886.69%Value on 10 Apr
Americas Water189.624.65%Value on 10 Apr

Water Industry Broadcast

About Water Industry Broadcast
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Water sector restructuring in Oman – Consultants sought

The Government of Oman wishes to improve the performance of the country’s water and wastewater services and this is expected to involve restructuring the sector. The Government, through its Electricity Holding Company (EHC), will shortly be requesting proposals from consultants for advice on sector restructuring.

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The KLa Difference – Technology, Experience, Knowledge and Service

KLa Systems is a company dedicated to making the world's waterways cleaner. We are an equipment supplier specializing in custom engineered mixing and aeration technologies for biological wastewater treatment processes.

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