Financing Water to 2030

Providing a detailed understanding of how capital flows in the water sector will change in the next 10 years, and the current finance sources & private sector opportunities for water.

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Poor Water Quality is Draining Your Process Cooling Efficiencies

While striving for efficiency, engineers often overlook poor water quality as a major reason their cooling systems fail to meet high expectations and miss a great opportunity to push the envelope. Read More

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Two and a half problems for water and sanitation

There are two big reasons and one small reason why we don’t yet have universal access to safe water and sanitation. The first big reason is that too many utilities are failing. These are the only institutions which address Sustainable Development Goal Number Six on an industrial scale. The difficulty is that most of them are going backwards rather than forwards. Rather than improving and...

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Water and wastewater project tracker

Charting the progress of over 800 Desal, Reuse and PPP water projects in the international water industry

Project Tracker Database
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Pittsburgh r... United States 17 Oct 18 On 15 October ... Utility
Morro Bay WW... United States 16 Oct 18 Negotiations a... Reuse
North Bay Wa... United States 16 Oct 18 Bids from gene... Reuse
San Juan Bau... United States 16 Oct 18 At its meeting... Utility
Tampa Bay re... United States 16 Oct 18 At its board m... Reuse


Global Water Market 2017 Sample: Italy

Global Water Market 2017 goes beyond the geographic focus of previous editions of GWI’s bestselling information resource to create a detailed matrix of market analysis by technology, by end user, by business model and by product type. Read more

Global Water Tariff Survey 2018 MapFORWEB.png

Global Water Tariff Survey 2018

Find out how much utilities charge for water and wastewater from around the world with the Global Water Tariff Survey 2018. Compare water tariffs back to 2011, and see the changes to water and wastewater bills in your core regions. Read more

GWI Water Index

Water on the markets this month:

GWI IndexValueChangeDate
Global Water154.45-0.30%10 Sep
Asian Water93.11-5.00%10 Sep
EMEA Water89.44-2.11%10 Sep
Americas Water259.762.41%10 Sep