Global Water Intelligence sits at the heart of the water industry and we put our advertisers at the centre of this community. Our high-value business information is read on a daily basis by CEOs and senior management from the whole supply chain, including EPC contractors and public sector decision-makers.

We offer you more than just advertising; you become our partners. We are transforming the way you can promote your products and services, championing a more meaningful way of engaging with your potential customers.

Align your brand with GWI's cutting-edge content, and be part of our industry-wide thought leadership.

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V.1 April 2018

Why should you advertise with Global Water Intelligence?

Firstly – we’re not just a magazine

Within our walls, we produce: Global Water Intelligence magazine, Water Desalination Report, the IDA Desalination Yearbook,, the GWI Briefing, various water sector conferences and webinars, the Global Water Summit, American Water Summit, and market intelligence reports such as Global Water Market. This gives you many options to target the right markets for your business needs.

We’re the leader in high-value business information for high-value clients

Almost all of our products are paid access so we commit to the highest research and editorial standards to ensure our clients come back for more. As a result, our readers comprise a unique and important audience; weary of general and superficial information they demand GWIs hot-off-the-press stories and exclusive analysis, and they willing to pay to get the best.

We talk to people

The internet has made a certain kind of information omnipresent: press releases and PR announcements, but what about opportunities that those involved would rather you didn’t know about? What about the thoughts of the people who are really in theknow? That kind of information is exclusive, rare and valuable – this is what separates GWI from the rest, which means that people read our content from cover to cover.


Download 2018 Media Pack

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