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Global Water Intelligence's flagship website is the primary online resource for our subscribers. It has the broadest appeal to water professionals from all sectors; it receives the most visits and impressions and the highest click-throughs of all of Global Water Intelligence’s digital advertising options, making it the perfect place for our readers to learn more anout your products and services


Why do people visit our website?

To download the GWI monthly issue – All of our paying subscribers are directed to the each month to download the PDF version of that month’s issue, giving you direct advert visibility to our exclusive readership. 

To track the latest desal, reuse and private-public partnership water projects – Our customers utilise our project tracker service to research over 1000 projects, which means your advert will be viewed throughout the month. 

To stay informed with weekly news and insight– the Global Water Intelligence Briefing eNewsletter provides the headlines, which are linked to for the full story. Our opted-in leads are redirected to our website where your banner will be shown.

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To learn from our wealth of data – publishes the water tariff survey, 10 years of archives and sample chapters from market intelligence reports. All are valuable assets for our readership, and your advert will be displayed on all of these pages.

To sign up for free services – is one of the top resources for those just entering the market, which is why we offer free trials and the free Global Water Intelligence Briefing eNewsletter. This means more clicks-throughs to your website from upcoming water leaders.

For more information about placement, prices and artwork specifications, download our PDF media pack

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Water Industry Broadcast

The International water industry is constantly changing and evolving; new technologies are being developed, mergers and acquisitions are taking place and new water plants and projects put out to tender every day. To keep our subscribers abreast of all the latest information, we have developed a new opportunity for you to showcase your press releases and company announcements: Water Industry Broadcast.

The Water Industry Broadcast is a new section of the GWI website, designed to give you the opportunity to showcase your company press releases.

This section is on our homepage and is dedicated to providing a platform for information to be shared with our elite international water industry online community.



For more information contact Ruth Newcombe or download our PDF media pack

Ruth Newcombe - Media Business Manager