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GWI Magazine is your monthly industry-leading publication for market data, competitive intelligence, innovation tracking and project leads. This publication offers exclusive monthly analysis of market developments and regional trends in water and desalination, project financing and industry-leading technology intelligence. 

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220px-Blue_checksmall.png Market strategy data
220px-Blue_checksmall.png Financial outlooks, M&A trends and investment opportunities
220px-Blue_checksmall.png Competitive intelligence
220px-Blue_checksmall.png Technology reviews and market insights
220px-Blue_checksmall.png Industrial end-user perspectives
220px-Blue_checksmall.png 1,000 Project Leads for water, wastewater and desalination

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Inside GWI Magazine


Insights from the experts

From Christopher Gasson’s insight column and Debra Coy’s Americas commentary to expert technology coverage from Tom Pankratz, we
garner insights and opinions from key figures from the highest levels of the industry. They share their knowledge of key topics and segments of the market, giving you the foresight you need to make smart strategic decisions.


Intelligence and Finance

The intelligence section offers exclusive analysis of market developments, tracks mergers and acquisitions, and regional trends in water and desalination. This is the only water industry publication to provide consistent financial
coverage, keeping track of investment opportunities, water stocks and the flow of finance through the water sector. 


Regional News

We go beyond telling you the latest news, we analyse the information and tell your business what it means for you. Our reguarly updated market data and articles include recent developments occurring within the water and desalination sector of every world region.





Water Leader


The Water Leaders section sets out to facilitate innovation by drawing on the expertise of the most forward thinking utility CEOs. By tapping into the expertise of water leaders from across the world, The Global Water Leaders Group aims to develop and deploy a common solution.


Project Trackers


Each water project is tracked from conception to completion, giving you the information you need to get involved often before they go to tender. We list the hottest projects so you can see the challenges and opportunities and identify the projects that are most suited to your business




This section is the ultimate technology intelligence centre for key technology decision makers. It includes industry-leading coverage of the most important technology markets, and expert reviews of the latest technologies and innovations in the water and wastewater industries.


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What our Clients are saying

“GWI is truly one of the world’s leading water specific publications. We find tremendous value in their unbiased articles, independent analysis and market updates. Furthermore, their articles are well written by experts who understand the global water industry, the terminology and the market challenges."
Ralph Exton
CMO for GE Water & Process Technologies

“GWI is the top comprehensive information source for the water market. The insights contained clearly identify potential new markets and trends for us in the water business, and having all of the facts and numbers in one place allows us to quickly digest what we need to know about various water markets around the world. The information contained in GWI has always been helpful for setting clear directions for our business.”
Won Kang
Senior Manager, Water Business Group, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

“GWI is our main source of information regarding developments in the international desalination industry and the progress of new projects. In the current environment, it is more important than ever to fully understand how the global desalination market is developing, and GWI is a reliable source for information that I recommend everyone to read.” - Christian Wee, Sales Director, Aqualyng

“GWI magazine is the best singular source for tracking the global desalination market.” - Lawrence Molloy, Technology Officer, Ebara Corporation

“GWI keeps me up to date with the emerging water markets and key technical issues. It provides an excellent summary of the main significant projects, background on companies, investors, markets and the movers and the shakers.” - Graham Bateman, Mott MacDonald

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