IDA Desalination Yearbook

IDA Yearbook Cover - resized.pngWhat is the IDA Desalination Yearbook?

The IDA Desalination Yearbook is published annually and provides a comprehensive round up of the previous 12 months in the world of desalination. The Yearbook is distributed to IDA members and subscribers to Water Desalination Report.

Regular sections include:

• Featured Plants - Plant profiles of the 10 most significant plants to come online over the past year
• New Plants Listing - A complete listing of all of the desalination plants to come online over the preceding year with information on the location, output capacity and plant supplier as well as other useful data fields
• Market Profile - The market profile section features pie charts and graphs manipulating the date from the IDA Inventory and DesalData to provide a visual insight into the changes occurring in the world of desalination.
• Reference Directory - This is a wealth of information including project references from over 150 different plant and equipment suppliers. This is the first place that contractors turn to when investigating which suppliers to use

Why should you advertise in the IDA Desalination Yearbook?
The Yearbook is read by everyone in the world of desalination and is referred to time and time again throughout the course of the year. It is an ideal way to showcase your company’s products and services from a simple extended entry to a premium position display advert.

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