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Design-build sheds its ‘alternative’ status as client uptake advances to the next level Vol 18, Issue 10 (October 2017)

A steady rise in the proportion of US water projects procured using design-build delivery has gone hand in hand with a trend towards increased collaboration between client and contractor. Who are the real winners in this evolving market segment?

Milwaukee renewal reflects a more mature contract ops market Vol 17, Issue 7 (July 2016)

Despite racking up losses of $11 million under its existing wastewater operating contract in Milwaukee, Veolia has committed to stay on for another ten years. The renegotiated deal reflects a maturing of attitudes in the wider contract ops sector.

How low can you go? Vol 16, Issue 8 (August 2015)

The drought in California is starting to impact the procurement of new wastewater reuse infrastructure, writes Ian Elkins.

AMERICAS WATER IN BRIEF Vol 14, Issue 9 (September 2013)

The US Bureau of Reclamation announced in August that it will cut releases from Lake Powell – a major reservoir on the Colorado River – by 750,000 acre-feet (925 million m3) in the next year. The cuts are in response to an unrelenting regional drought.

AMERICAS WATER IN BRIEF Vol 14, Issue 7 (July 2013)

As GWI went to press, an imminent appointment at São Paulo state regulator ARSESP seemed set to enable it to reach a quorum ahead of a decision on the final timing of Sabesp’s pending rate review.

The 2011 Global Water Awards:Water Reuse Project of the Year Vol 12, Issue 2 (February 2011)

For the water reuse project that represents the most significant achievement for the industry in 2010.

Celebrating the best of the best Vol 9, Issue 2 (February 2008)

The complete list of companies and projects which have been shortlisted for this year’s Global Water Awards.