7 articles about "Corix"

Utilities, Inc. returns to net growth after streamlining Vol 18, Issue 7 (July 2017)

The private equity-backed water utility has pruned its holdings and simplified its structure to deliver greater value to its 400,000 customers. What makes it different to its peers??

OCWA to return to its roots for growth Vol 15, Issue 5 (May 2014)

The Ontario Clean Water Agency is re-evaluating its business model in the face of an increasingly competitive environment in its home market. Incoming CEO Rob Andrews talks to GWI about his vision for growth.

Clock ticking for Detroit bankruptcy plan Vol 15, Issue 5 (May 2014)

The fallout from the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history could be partly ameliorated by an equally significant water PPP. Who is in the frame to take the prize?

One billion people can’t be wrong Vol 14, Issue 11 (November 2013)

David Lloyd Owen presents his fifteenth annual review of PSP in the international water arena. With a seventh of the world’s population now served by the private sector, what’s next in the market for outsourced services?

Bidding to justify the profit motive Vol 14, Issue 4 (April 2013)

Private water companies have lost out to non-profits on a series of highprofile deals in the US water sector over the past couple of years. Just how serious is the threat?

AMERICA WATER IN BRIEF Vol 13, Issue 4 (April 2012)

The International Finance Corporation is proposing to lend BRL100 million ($55 million) to Brazilian water concessionaire AEGEA Saneamento.

AMERICAS WATER IN BRIEF Vol 13, Issue 2 (February 2012)

Heckmann Corporation filed a universal shelf in mid-February for up to $400 million of new securities.