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Kigali looks to spur development with first piped wastewater breakthrough Vol 18, Issue 11 (November 2017)

The new central sewerage project lined up for the Rwandan capital marks a breakthrough for the government and the international donors backing it. It also marks a step back for water PPPs in the east African country.

Sizing up Anglian Water’s green bond debut Vol 18, Issue 8 (August 2017)

The first green bond to emerge from the UK water sector attracted £800 million of appetite from investors keen to see their money put to work funding projects which mitigate and adapt to climate change. Was it worth all the trouble?

Middle East water in brief Vol 18, Issue 8 (August 2017)

The Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA) and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority are planning a feasibility study into the creation of a strategic water connection between their respective potable water networks.

Bamako leads the way as Mali plans second water treatment roll-out Vol 18, Issue 6 (June 2017)

The West African country has seen a robust amount of construction work in the water sector, with more to come. Is the use of international private finance and operating skill any more than a pipe dream?

European Investment Bank looks to up-risk portfolio Vol 18, Issue 6 (June 2017)

Changing political tides are set to mean a new appetite for risk at the world’s biggest multilateral water lender, with new funding targets lined up at home, overseas, and in industrial and technical spheres. The shadow of Brexit still looms on the horizon, however.

Contractors fight for dominance in DBOs as Panama infrastructure roll-out gathers pace Vol 18, Issue 5 (May 2017)

The nation has become one of the most active procurers of water and wastewater treatment infrastructure in the last 18 months. How long before the momentum loses steam?

Europe water in brief Vol 18, Issue 4 (April 2017)

Two infrastructure support businesses once owned by regulated UK water utilities have been sold this month.

Asia water in brief Vol 17, Issue 12 (December 2016)

Singapore-listed water project developer Moya Holdings Asia has agreed to set up a joint venture, tentatively named PT Water Tecnologia Indonesia, with Filipino water concessionaire Maynilad to pursue NRW and wastewater management projects in Indonesia.

Americas water in brief Vol 17, Issue 11 (November 2016)

Despite taking a $126 million hit as a result of a settlement over the 2014 Freedom Industries oil spill, American Water has had a good month on the regulated acquisitions front.

Europe water in brief Vol 17, Issue 11 (November 2016)

Up to 800 new biogas plants could be installed in Poland between now and 2020, according to a survey by anaerobic digestion investor Bio Alians.