6 articles about "HPD"

Let’s drink to the salt of the earth Vol 13, Issue 1 (January 2012)

High energy prices are driving booming demand for dirty fossil fuels, and cleaning up the waste streams has become big business. Evaporation and high-recovery reverse osmosis technologies have an even greater future.

From zero to hero – the rise of ZLD Vol 10, Issue 12 (December 2009)

Regulatory drivers are ensuring that zero liquid discharge is gaining in popularity. Capital and operating costs can still prove prohibitive, as Gord Cope discovers.

Using everything but the oink Vol 10, Issue 4 (April 2009)

Regulation is re-defining the way industry manages its entire water cycle. Gord Cope explores the diverse opportunities for extracting value from wastewater streams.

A market committed to paper Vol 9, Issue 1 (January 2008)

Paper ranks highly in the “virtual water” stakes. Efficiency is not the only driver behind innovation in the industry, as Gord Cope discovers.

The biggest small company in design-build Vol 7, Issue 11 (November 2006)

VWST’s most feared competitor is a mid-sized company that comes up with a very clever offering. That is one of the reasons it has 58 specialist subsidiaries. Ian Elkins talks strategy with CEO Jean-Michel Herrewyn.

Letter to the Editor Vol 7, Issue 4 (April 2006)

Veolia Water North America takes issue with our contract ops survey.