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Kingdom bundles assets into new PPP procurement wave Vol 18, Issue 11 (November 2017)

Saudi Arabia is asking greenfield plant investors to take over ownership of nearby older facilities under a new batch of contracts. Will the sale of ageing but upgradeable plants be a necessary burden for investors, or an opportunity for enhanced profit margins?

Saur prepares for accelerated international growth Vol 18, Issue 11 (November 2017)

Following a period of relative stagnation, the group has embarked on a fresh drive to grow its international presence. CEO Louis-Roch Burgard shares his strategy with GWI.

Network and billing problems put new Saudi water price rises on ice Vol 18, Issue 10 (October 2017)

Problems with piping, metering and billing have put a halt to the Kingdom’s much-needed, but controversial, water tariff restructuring plans. With further consumer price rises off the cards for now, improving network efficiency will be a priority.

Saudi Arabia starts work on third water PPP pillar Vol 18, Issue 8 (August 2017)

The Kingdom’s latest move to foster more private sector participation in the utility sphere looks at public-facing municipal water and wastewater services. It will have to contend with a legacy of delays in municipal water PPPs.

Winning the recycling race Vol 18, Issue 8 (August 2017)

Saudi Arabia needs to balance the needs of different types of investors when it comes to capital recycling, says Tom Scotney.

Saudi Arabia bolsters role of central offtaker ahead of water PPP push Vol 18, Issue 5 (May 2017)

A new cabinet ruling has put the Water and Electricity Company back at the centre of things as the Kingdom looks to stimulate a wave of private water investment.

Middle East water in brief Vol 18, Issue 5 (May 2017)

Israel’s Water Authority is studying a plan to pump 50 million cubic metres of water into the Sea of Galilee to deal with the declining level of the lake due to another year of drought. Precipitation levels in Israel over the past winter were only 71% of the multiyear average.

Desal market explodes back into life in resurgent Kingdom Vol 18, Issue 4 (April 2017)

After years of waiting, April saw the first major moves for years in Saudi Arabia’s desalination market, with two huge projects awarded within 24 hours of each other. The Red Sea port of Shoaiba marks the epicentre of activity as the market continues to unfold.

New Saudi NWC boss heralds start of utility sea change Vol 18, Issue 3 (March 2017)

New National Water Company CEO Mohammed Mowkley has taken the helm as the body faces a raft of social, financial and structural challenges. With the Mecca region chosen for the first major step towards PPP, a new approach to subsidies could underpin the project.

Thermoplastic Vol 18, Issue 2 (February 2017)

  • The National Water Company in Saudi Arabia has outlined a list of operating assets it hopes to make available to the private sector through brownfield BOT contracts, in a bid to recycle capital. The move is part of a major repositioning of the water and wastewater utility as it looks to meet the requirements of...
  • The NWC’s desalinationfocused neighbour, the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, meanwhile, is well underway with its own greenfield and brownfield privatisation plan. While a treasure trove of new privately financed IWPs is on the horizon, SWCC seems to be looking at a build-financetransfer model for...
  • Hyflux CEO Olivia Lum was at Changi General Hospital earlier this month to celebrate the launch of a medical trial of Hyflux’s ELO water on diabetic patients. Hyflux set up ELO with a Hungarian therapeutic water supplier in 2015 in a bid to diversify away from...
  • Oman is considering its own structural reform plan, following the submission to the government of recommendations on the structure of public water bodies. Plans to merge water and wastewater under corporatised regional water bodies are aimed at...