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…but Bristol may pay on the nail Vol 16, Issue 2 (February 2015)

The water-only company could have a tough time negotiating a favourable outcome after appealing against the regulator’s price determination – again.

Chinese policy drives industrial PPP rethink Vol 16, Issue 2 (February 2015)

A changing political environment for industrial polluters has created opportunities for international water and wastewater players. Not every industry segment has taken so keenly to PPPs, however. GWI’s Yujia Shen reports.

In with the new Vol 16, Issue 1 (January 2015)

  • Suez Environnement has put in place a new regional group structure for its international division, with Degrémont merged into...
  • Veolia has announced plans to spin off some of its loss-making EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) activities in North America and Europe...

$40 oil’s water impact Vol 16, Issue 1 (January 2015)

Christopher Gasson sees flexible business models as the main beneficiary of current market conditions.

Where there’s a well there’s no way Vol 16, Issue 1 (January 2015)

 It takes crisis conditions to create a water market in India, says Willy Yeo.

Making regionalism work in the water sector Vol 16, Issue 1 (January 2015)

Suez Environnement and Veolia have restructured to bring water and waste closer together. Christopher Gasson doesn’t buy the synergies, but he does see the need for change – as long as it promotes entrepreneurialism.

Retail investors pile into water funds Vol 16, Issue 1 (January 2015)

Strong inflows into specialist sector funds last year show that the water investment theme is increasingly being embraced by retail investors. Institutions in North America continue to suffer from a lack of available outlets.

UK emerges triumphant as Europe outperforms Vol 16, Issue 1 (January 2015)

The removal of regulatory uncertainty was a shot in the arm for the remaining listed UK water stocks last year. Will it catalyse a further round of takeovers in the sector?

Degrémont degraded in group reshuffle Vol 16, Issue 1 (January 2015)

Suez Environnement is merging its water and waste businesses outside Europe to create a regional group structure. It aims to bring the company closer to its customers, but without one of the biggest names in water treatment.

Suez Environnement group restructuring: key points Vol 16, Issue 1 (January 2015)