8 articles about "Wabag"

Essel storms ahead in Indian water Vol 18, Issue 9 (September 2017)

Billionaire-backed project developer Essel has won a new PPP in PM Modi’s backyard. Suez and Earth Water Group veteran Vidyavathsal will be driving the water business.

Sri Lanka squares up to its water challenge Vol 15, Issue 5 (May 2014)

The island nation is undertaking an ambitious water and wastewater infrastructure development plan as it attempts to reverse the under-investment caused by 25 years of civil unrest. Full-scale PPPs are still some way off.

SPANISH ABROAD Vol 11, Issue 1 (January 2010)

* The world’s biggest wastewater treatment plant contract has been awarded in Mexico.

Bangalore reveals its water reuse ambitions Vol 9, Issue 8 (August 2008)

The Bangalore authorities have concluded that the only way to address the city’s water demand shortfall is to implement large-scale water reuse. It will not put an end to local groundwater exploitation.

AT LAST Vol 8, Issue 11 (November 2007)

* Seven years after starting work on its proposal for a desalination plant at Carlsbad, Poseidon Resources cleared the biggest obstacle in the way of getting the project built: the California Coastal Commission.

Wabag in limbo as it awaits new owner Vol 8, Issue 8 (August 2007)

The summer season has frustrated attempts to wind up the sale of Wabag quickly. The Austrian company is keen to push ahead with new projects.

Wabag gears up for early summer sale Vol 8, Issue 5 (May 2007)

After four years of losses, the company successfully returned to profit in 2006. Siemens is still keen to divest the asset.

Wabag nurtured back to health under Siemens’ wing Vol 7, Issue 9 (September 2006)

The Austrian water technology company has spent an unhealthy amount of time up for sale. Fortunately, it has not been wasted.