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Clearford Water charts a path to profitability with renewed project finance commitment Vol 19, Issue 5 (May 2018)

The Canadian company’s losses are easing, but its decentralised DBFOM solution is struggling to gain traction. What is the way forward?

Long-planned Canadian biosolids project reaches financial close Vol 19, Issue 2 (February 2018)

The unusual situation of not having feedstock samples to help determine the technology configuration for a new biosolids processing plant required some innovative thinking from the developer team.

Desal recovery continues, but risks remain Vol 18, Issue 10 (October 2017)

Appetite for new desalination capacity is growing, but progress is frustratingly slow in some areas. What are the market dynamics?

The biggest international water trade shows Vol 18, Issue 9 (September 2017)

From Stockholm World Water Week to Watec Israel and Korea International Water Week, and on to WEFTEC and the IDA World Congress, you could spend your life at water trade shows. This month’s list looks at how they measure up.

Private equity-backed water companies Vol 18, Issue 8 (August 2017)

There are a mix of infrastructure funds, buy-out funds, and growth investors backing the water sector. Who are the main players?

Utilities, Inc. returns to net growth after streamlining Vol 18, Issue 7 (July 2017)

The private equity-backed water utility has pruned its holdings and simplified its structure to deliver greater value to its 400,000 customers. What makes it different to its peers??

Americas water in brief Vol 18, Issue 6 (June 2017)

Private equity giant Clayton, Dubilier & Rice has agreed to buy HD Supply’s water products distribution business for $2.5 billion, equivalent to around 10 times projected 2017 EBITDA. CD&R previously owned the business before floating it on the stock exchange in 2013.

Pure Technologies partners with Xylem to target smart water in emerging markets Vol 18, Issue 5 (May 2017)

Both firms are responding to an increasing focus on water loss and asset management in emerging markets. Will their latest collaboration lay the groundwork for a more formal relationship in future?

Trio of deals reinforces Canadian P3 model Vol 18, Issue 4 (April 2017)

A clutch of wastewater and biosolids projects reached financial close this month, restoring faith in the concept of the PPP procurement model for water infrastructure in Canada. What are the dynamics at play?

Grasping the economics of the Hamilton biosolids P3 Vol 18, Issue 4 (April 2017)

An aggressive operating budget and the monetisation of dry solids were not the only factors behind the winning bid.