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MORE M&A Vol 19, Issue 8 (August 2018)

  • Swedish private equity group EQT looks set to buy France’s number three water operator...
  • Triwater Holdings’ private equity owners are expected to start soliciting buyers for the remainder of the business after Labor Day. As the name suggests, the company originally had three rather disparate parts...
  • Recent sales of water businesses have attracted hordes of private equity bidders. It is squeezing out the trade buyers, who seem to be finding more value buying...

Saur prepares for a new era of growth with EQT Vol 19, Issue 8 (August 2018)

The French company has spent the last decade recovering from a disastrous private equity backed takeover. CEO Louis-Roch Burgard is confident that this time it will be different.

EQT’s water portfolio goes global Vol 19, Issue 8 (August 2018)

The purchase of Saur will give the Swedish investor a fresh platform for growth.

BIO-UV bets big on ballast water after IPO Vol 19, Issue 7 (July 2018)

The French company wants to generate €150 million of sales from the ballast water market over the next six years. What are its chances?

Saur losers Vol 19, Issue 6 (June 2018)

  • The auction for French private water player Saur is moving through to its second round. Insiders suggest that no trade bidders have made it through, while Antin Infrastructure...
  • Veolia, meanwhile, is buddying up to Russia’s largest private water operator, Rosvodokanal. RVK’s current owner Alfa Group has indicated that...

Suez turns the corner and re-assigns responsibilities Vol 19, Issue 3 (March 2018)

The 2017 results were dreary, but the way is now open to return to profitable growth. GWI speaks to Suez top brass about how the reorganised company fits together.

Making the most of Suez’s new WTS unit Vol 19, Issue 3 (March 2018)

Marie-Ange Debon explains how the Suez Water Technologies & Solutions division will work.

Spanish firms take on Suez and Veolia in France Vol 19, Issue 1 (January 2018)

A new competitive environment has convinced Spanish private water operators that they can break into the French delegated public service market. What will it take to break a 165-year deadlock?

Water utilities drowning in data ask solutions providers for simplicity Vol 18, Issue 12 (December 2017)

Results from Europe’s pioneering smart water solutions project SW4EU were presented in November with the take-home message of “keep it simple”. Does the data avalanche need to be excavated from within?

Where is Saur headed next? Vol 18, Issue 11 (November 2017)

A newly announced growth plan looks like the latest step in a carefully crafted process to prepare Saur for sale. Ian Elkins asks whether it will remain in French hands.