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EUROPE WATER IN BRIEF Vol 13, Issue 3 (March 2012)

Dutch engineering consultants DHV and Royal Haskoning have announced their intention to merge, in order to create a €700 million-a-year powerhouse.

Frérot shows Proglio who’s boss of Veolia Vol 13, Issue 3 (March 2012)

The Veolia CEO has purged the board and the executive committee following an abortive coup organised by his predecessor at the end of last month. The market has given him strong support, marking up shares by 39%.

Industrial focus is the key to Veolia’s revival Vol 13, Issue 3 (March 2012)

Veolia Water is positioning itself to maximise its growth potential in the industrial water market while placing its bets more carefully in the municipal sector, where an IT-led renaissance in France is showing the way ahead.

How do you solve a problem like Veolia? Vol 13, Issue 2 (February 2012)

After a series of profit warnings and write-offs, the markets are disinclined to believe what Veolia’s management has to say. It is the toughest challenge any public company can face, but CEO Antoine Frérot is not giving up.

Europe Water In Brief Vol 13, Issue 2 (February 2012)

Veolia has chosen Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan to advise it on the sale of its UK regulated water assets.

Water investors play the Continental divide Vol 13, Issue 1 (January 2012)

The relative safe haven of the UK listed water utilities was the only saving grace for investors with exposure to European water stocks last year. Have prices bottomed out?

EUROPE WATER IN BRIEF Vol 13, Issue 1 (January 2012)

The Greek government expects to name legal and technical advisory teams for the privatisation of water companies EYATH and EYDAP later this month.

THE NEW VEOLIA Vol 12, Issue 12 (December 2011)

Veolia’s plans to restructure its way out of trouble were largely met with indifference by the investor community earlier this month.

SAUR POINTS Vol 12, Issue 12 (December 2011)

Relations between Saur, France’s thirdlargest private water company, and its 33% shareholder Séché Environnement, have reached an all-time low.

David Lloyd Owen - L’eau revoir: after 25 years, France is leaving the UK regulated water sector. Vol 12, Issue 12 (December 2011)

Veolia’s timing for its exit of the UK regulated water sector – in the same week as David Cameron’s veto of the EU financial stability pact – is intriguing.