95 articles in Mexico

San Quintín project to test new APP law Vol 16, Issue 10 (October 2015)

The financing of a new desalination BOT in Mexico could have wide-ranging implications for the future of privately financed projects in the state.

Suez reverses contract termination in Puebla Vol 16, Issue 10 (October 2015)

A Supreme Court victory for Suez over a 2012 contract termination is good news for the future of private sector participation in Mexico. The question of compensation remains.

Market awaits final water allocation at Rosarito Vol 16, Issue 6 (June 2015)

The large-scale desalination plant being developed by Consolidated Water at Rosarito in Mexico has long been hyped as an alternative to siting a plant in California. Will any of the plant’s output make it north of the border?

Latin leads Vol 16, Issue 5 (May 2015)

  • Blackstone’s Global Water Development Partners has signed a memorandum of understanding with Pemex to develop BOT (build-operate-transfer) water and wastewater treatment plants serving the oil giant’s upstream and downstream facilities in Mexico...
  • EPM, the publicly owned multi-utility serving Medellín in Colombia, has bought Aguas de Antofagasta (ADASA) in Chile for $965 million...
  • The Aguas de Antofagasta deal also brings EPM into the desalination sector: it will operate the La Chimba plant in Antofagasta...

Blackstone enters the industrial water market Vol 16, Issue 5 (May 2015)

More than a year after its establishment, the private equity giant’s water investment vehicle has inked its first MoU. The deal with Pemex reflects a broader trend towards industrial water outsourcing.

Mexican sweat Vol 16, Issue 4 (April 2015)

  • Mexico’s water sector looks like it is in a bit of a mess after the rejection of a new draft water law and the resignation of National Water Commission director David Korenfeld. The draft law aimed to move the sector towards cost recovery and clarify the role of the private sector, but when the government tried to fast-track the passage of the legislation, it was accused of breaking parliamentary rules, and the measure failed.
  • Korenfeld was the architect of the proposed legislation, but his departure from Conagua was the result of quite separate tragi-comic circumstances...

Solving the crisis in Mexico’s water sector Vol 16, Issue 4 (April 2015)

The widespread rejection of Mexico’s draft water law was followed by the resignation of Conagua’s water boss earlier this month. Is the government’s flagship reform holed below the water line?

Searching for gold in Latin America Vol 15, Issue 8 (August 2014)

The Latin American mining industry is facing numerous water challenges as it attempts to manage risk in its operations. A new report from GWI investigates the opportunities for international water companies.

Americas water in brief Vol 15, Issue 7 (July 2014)

Corrugated pipe manufacturer Advanced Drainage Systems has set the price range for its long-awaited IPO at $17-19, which would value the company’s equity at $950 million, assuming the issue prices at the mid-point.

Mexico and shale: dry with, broke without? Vol 15, Issue 6 (June 2014)

Government and drillers are eagerly eyeing Mexico’s northern shale oil and gas plays, but the scale of impending water scarcity may put them out of reach unless drastic action is taken, finds Richard Weyndling.