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Saudi Arabia pushes for speed on regional PPP contracts Vol 19, Issue 5 (May 2018)

Time is of the essence for the Saudi authorities as they look to get the first elements of a dual-stage management-to-concession process out to the market this year. With many questions still to be answered, the key players joined GWI in Paris to take on the challenge.

WEC reassures Saudi PPP bidders over project crowding as new investors step up Vol 19, Issue 5 (May 2018)

Khalid Al-Qureshi, the head of the body at the centre of Saudi Arabia’s water privatisation process, told delegates at GWI’s Saudi privatisation workshop last month that the company is well equipped to take on the challenges facing it.

Saudi Arabia unveils more private wastewater treatment plants Vol 19, Issue 5 (May 2018)

Following a very strong response from bidders to two flagship projects, the pace of the independent sewage treatment plant programme is set to pick up.

Desalination giant SWCC plots out a future without desal plants Vol 19, Issue 5 (May 2018)

The planned brownfield privatisation of water production in the Kingdom means that the world’s largest desalination company now faces the prospects of a future without any plants. What does the future hold for the Saline Water Conversion Corporation?

Saudi action Vol 19, Issue 5 (May 2018)

  • Saudi Arabia’s state-owned desalination colossus, the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, has outlined its future following the wave of privatisation that is sweeping the country. Currently the...
  • Meanwhile, the Kingdom’s Water and Electricity Company (WEC) – the offtaker and procuring body for all new water and wastewater treatment plants under the huge privatisation shift – has moved to reassure bidders that...
  • WEC has also revealed details of eleven new privately financed independent sewage treatment plants that will be rolled out to the market, following a strong response...

Project tracker Vol 19, Issue 5 (May 2018)

Desal project pipeline goes stratospheric; Lagos Water rekindles BOT programme; Saudi Arabia juggles procurement responsibilities; the fight for a new crop of contract operations; Tokyo looks to outsource wastewater; South Africa turns to reuse; all the latest project news from around the world.

WEC prepares for PPP take-off Vol 19, Issue 4 (April 2018)

Saudi Arabia’s central water offtaker has published RFPs for two major new projects in the last month: the Shuqaiq 3 IWP and the Jeddah Airport 2 ISTP. The deal flow is set to crank up further as it takes on more responsibilities.

Glut of PPP projects brings new state-owned players to the market Vol 19, Issue 4 (April 2018)

International project developers are struggling against suppressed returns on project equity due to the number of project opportunities. New developers are stepping up.

Advisors to grapple with Saudi PPP issues Vol 19, Issue 3 (March 2018)

A new team of consultants is aiming to make a breakthrough on privatisation in the Kingdom. It will not be an easy task.

Desal growth Vol 19, Issue 2 (February 2018)

  • The desalination market in the Middle East is firing on all cylinders once again, with 3 million m3/d of new capacity currently out to tender (see Project Tracker). The project everyone is watching this month is...
  • Opportunities in Saudi Arabia have been coming in all shapes and sizes. The Saline Water Conversion Corporation last month announced plans to tender nine...
  • The reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas has boosted hopes that Gaza will get its much-needed...
  • The day when Cape Town is expected to run out of water as a result of its prolonged drought has been pushed back to 4th June as a result of...