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Modelling the future Vol 7, Issue 6 (June 2006)

Software to model water systems and manage assets is not only saving money and time; it is making water utilities safer. Gordon Cope investigates one of the fastest growing sectors of the water industry.

Pictet backs UK equities – with a hedge Vol 7, Issue 6 (June 2006)

The leading specialist water fund has an interesting strategy for the UK.

Pure play is the way in water Vol 7, Issue 6 (June 2006)

Are the English water companies getting too focused?

UK water companies’ cash appeal Vol 7, Issue 6 (June 2006)

Despite a £30 billion investment bill, the quoted UK water companies think that their shareholders need money more than they do. Andrew Cavenagh reports on this year’s results season.

BACK FROM THE DEAD Vol 7, Issue 5 (May 2006)

* Just as everyone thought that the Sydney desalination project was dead, suddenly there has been a flurry of activity to resurrect the project as soon as the city’s dams hit 40% capacity.

EUROPEAN DEALS Vol 7, Issue 5 (May 2006)

* Agbar and Suez seem to be moving in different directions in Europe as well as Latin America.

Hamburg’s Lübeck link up Vol 7, Issue 5 (May 2006)

A 35km pipeline is an attractive alternative to a new water treatment plant.

Inventory excitement Vol 7, Issue 5 (May 2006)

Alison Ireland announces the launch of the 19th Desalting Plant Inventory.

Rising tide of muck and brass Vol 7, Issue 5 (May 2006)

EU directives have ensured that there is more sludge being produced across the continent, but fewer ways of disposing of it. Here Emmanuel Adler of A Consult in Lyon examines the opportunities the market presents.

Thames sale options narrow Vol 7, Issue 5 (May 2006)

High leverage and outsourced operations make an attractive option for RWE as it contemplates the sale of its water interests. But are the risks too much for the regulator?