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CORPORATE NON-MOVES Vol 5, Issue 12 (December 2004)

Activist fund manager Knight Vinke Asset Management has started a campaign to split Suez into two separate companies, one for energy and the other for water.

Global Water Awards Vol 5, Issue 12 (December 2004)

Some categories seem more popular than others.

Learning to live with complexity Vol 5, Issue 12 (December 2004)

GWI columnist and author of Masons Water Yearbook David Lloyd Owen looks at how the private water industry has developed over the past year.

Rising bills boost metering Vol 5, Issue 12 (December 2004)

UK water customers can save £250 per year by switching to metered supply. It could cost water companies dear.

UK FINAL DETERMINATIONS Vol 5, Issue 12 (December 2004)

Ofwat eased up on its draft determinations for the English and Welsh water companies when it published its final determinations at the begining of December (see table).

DIFFICULT SALES Vol 5, Issue 11 (November 2004)

Rothschild must feel like destroying the French Airforce in retaliation for the French army blowing up the Ivory Coast Airforce earlier this month.

GWI presents the Global Water Awards Vol 5, Issue 11 (November 2004)

It is time to nominate those who have done the most to make the water industry better in 2004.

GWI website gets the whole story Vol 5, Issue 11 (November 2004)

Issues will now be available to subscribers online. Marketing manager Alison Ireland introduces our new website.

Insight - David Lloyd Owen Vol 5, Issue 11 (November 2004)

South Staffs – last of the old bids and deals or first of the new?

Severn Trent to open pipes to competition Vol 5, Issue 11 (November 2004)

The ombudsman has forced the firm to let a competitor use its pipes to reach a customer; but elsewhere efforts to introduce competition are going slowly.