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New wave of bond issues on the way Vol 6, Issue 9 (September 2005)

The water and sewerage companies are looking raise £16.9 million. It will keep the banks and lawyers busy.

Insight - David Lloyd Owen Vol 6, Issue 8 (August 2005)

Local outcomes bring the water home.

M&A hopes rise as Ofwat restructures Vol 6, Issue 8 (August 2005)

The departure of Bill Emery and a move to a commission structure may open the way for UK water sector mergers.

DROUGHTS AND DESAL Vol 6, Issue 7 (July 2005)

After a very dry winter and the beginning of a hot summer, drought is starting to bite across Europe, with water use restrictions being introduced across Italy, Spain, France and the UK.

Insight - David Lloyd Owen Vol 6, Issue 7 (July 2005)

Summertime blues.

Engineers gear up for AMP4 Vol 6, Issue 5 (May 2005)

The 2005-2010 investment period in the UK is taking shape.

EU brings MDGs into focus Vol 6, Issue 2 (February 2005)

The EU wants to play a bigger role as a major funder of water services in poor countries. Olivia Jensen reports on the new EU-ACP Water Facility.

UK CONTRACTS Vol 6, Issue 2 (February 2005)

Severn Trent has appointed 22 contractors and consultants to carry out its £2.2 billion capital investment programme over the next five years.

A vintage year for European water stocks Vol 6, Issue 1 (January 2005)

After three tough years, European water stocks have finally rewarded investors. Will 2005 match last year’s success?

Veolia scoops up Enel Hydro Vol 6, Issue 1 (January 2005)

Veolia takes a leading position in the Italian market. It may require patience.