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Insight - David Lloyd Owen Vol 7, Issue 2 (February 2006)

Through the looking Glas: Cryptosporidium, critiques and context.

Is Eastern Europe out of the woods? Vol 7, Issue 2 (February 2006)

A new survey of private water operations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia suggests that the worst may be over for private operators in the region – as long as they learn from past mistakes.

NEWS IN BRIEF – EUROPE Vol 7, Issue 2 (February 2006)

* Germany leads Europe on reducing unaccounted-for water. Distribution losses are just 7.3% of total water supplied, according to the gas and water federation, BGW.

Private equity awed by Thames’ sale Vol 7, Issue 2 (February 2006)

Thames Water is undeniably attractive to private equity funds: the only problem is that it is too big to be taken single handedly. UBS is working on a solution.

Seidel back in the saddle Vol 7, Issue 2 (February 2006)

The US Filter veteran promises no more acquisition sprees as he takes command of fusible pipe specialist Underground Solutions.

BULL MARKET Vol 7, Issue 1 (January 2006)

* 2005 was a great year for water stocks, with the big European water stocks leading the way (see Market Review on pp8-12).

Deutsche pays £189 million for Sutton Vol 7, Issue 1 (January 2006)

The price for the small water-only company is 30% more than the regulated asset value. It is a sellers’ market.

EUROPE IN BRIEF Vol 7, Issue 1 (January 2006)

* The city of Magdeburg has signed a wastewater concession passing wastewater services and assets to the partly-privatised city utility Städtische Werke Magdeburg (SWM) for €140 million.

How to save £20m Vol 7, Issue 1 (January 2006)

GWI marketing manager Alison Ireland explains how to keep out of copyright trouble.

Insight - David Lloyd Owen Vol 7, Issue 1 (January 2006)

Things are looking up for March's fourth World Water Forum.