IDA World Congress 15 - 20 October 2017

The International Desalination Association (IDA) is the point of connection for the global desalination and water reuse industry - the people, ideas and information that shape the world's water future. IDA encourages advancements in desalination and water reuse technologies; facilitates knowledge-sharing, engagement and communication through industry events, publications and other programs; and supports education in the field of desalination and water reuse. It serves more than 2,600 core members representing 62 countries and reaches an additional 4,000 affiliate members.  Its membership comprises scientists, end-users, engineers, consultants, financiers and researchers from governments, corporations and academia. IDA is associated with the United Nations as part of a growing international network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The IDA World Congress, held every two years, is widely regarded as the leading event for the global desalination and water reuse industry. The 2017 IDA World Congress takes place in Sao Paulo, Brazil on October 15-20.

13th International Water and Wastewater Exhibition of Iran (Watex) 17 - 20 October 2017

Welcome to the 13th International Water and Wastewater Exhibition of Iran which focuses exclusively on the Water industry will be held during 17-20 Oct. 2017 in Tehran International Ground Fair. The objective of this exposition is to act as a comprehensive resource for the industry, its members, prospective business visitors and customers by providing in-depth information about the industry and the latest trends influencing its progress. Being attended by prominent electrical companies, equipment manufacturers and vendors, the expo offers participants the opportunity to network, learn about new technologies and techniques, exchange ideas and discuss about industry trends. All participants can benefit from great exposure to enhance their revenue channels and increase profits as this exhibition provides fabulous opportunity to reach out the maximum electrical professionals of Iran and world.

14th Global Bottled Water Congress 23 - 25 October 2017

In its 14th year, Zenith’s Global Bottled Water Congress is designed for industry leaders, suppliers, customers and analysts to gain a complete overview of the latest market trends, innovations and issues alongside excellent networking.

With bottled water growth now outpacing other beverages, an exciting range of emerging categories are actively promoting water attributes. But there are multiple risks if innovation is not transparent about naturalness, sweetness, functionality, sustainability and social responsibility. Consumers really want water to be “Flowing with purpose” – this year’s theme.

The event will include a range of conference sessions, a gala awards dinner and debate about potential industry-wide initiatives. Delegates will hear from leading international and regional manufacturers on market and strategic developments, as well as from innovators and entrepreneurs creating new concepts and products to shape future market growth.

Zenith are holding their 3rd Global Bottled Water Awards which will be presented at the Global Bottled Water Congress on 24 October, in Barcelona. There are 12 categories covering innovation, taste, marketing, packaging and sustainability across all sectors of the packaged water industry.

The industry’s ONLY Global Bottled Awards are open to innovators and entrepreneurs as well as established brands from around the globe.