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May 18 cover

Vol 19, Issue 5 (May 2018)

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In Global Water Intelligence this month

Need to know

  • The proposed merger of US investor-owned utilities Connecticut Water and San Jose Water is being disrupted by the intervention of...
  • The Connecticut/SJW fight is taking place against the backdrop of a determined move to...
Boom time again
  • Oilfield water services companies in North America have secured more than $2 billion in private equity commitments over the past three years, according to a GWI survey. It reflects the fact that oil & gas producers are...
Buyer's market
  • Publicly traded US industrial group Rexnord is selling its German valves business, VAG. It is one of the most exalted brands in the business, and generated $...
  • Two of Yorkshire Water’s parent company’s shareholders want out before the new pricing regime for the UK water sector comes into effect in...
  • Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman is considering selling Rosvodokanal, Russia’s leading privately owned water operator, which has been part of...
  • Water treatment chemistry specialist Solenis has pulled off a transformational deal with BASF. It involves the German chemicals giant injecting its...
Saudi action
  • Saudi Arabia’s state-owned desalination colossus, the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, has outlined its future following the wave of privatisation that is sweeping the country. Currently the...
  • Meanwhile, the Kingdom’s Water and Electricity Company (WEC) – the offtaker and procuring body for all new water and wastewater treatment plants under the huge privatisation shift – has moved to reassure bidders that...
  • WEC has also revealed details of eleven new privately financed independent sewage treatment plants that will be rolled out to the market, following a strong response...
Private advances
  • Oman’s main municipal wastewater services body has said it is looking for an incoming shift towards the use of private finance for new treatment plants to point the way for...
  • Egyptian construction giant Hassan Allam is predicting a revival in the country’s dormant water PPP pipeline, and the company’s new infrastructure investment wing is looking for...
  • Istanbul’s water utility is plotting a radical overhaul of its infrastructure base – and its relationship with the private sector...
  • Vietnam’s water sector sell-off is gaining pace. All its major utilities could have...

Project Tracker

Project Tracker

Charting the progress of over 900 Desal, Reuse and PPP water projects in the international water industry.

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What's making the news in global water projects this month

Project tracker

Desal project pipeline goes stratospheric; Lagos Water rekindles BOT programme; Saudi Arabia juggles procurement responsibilities; the fight for a new crop of contract operations; Tokyo looks to outsource wastewater; South Africa turns to reuse; all the latest project news from around the world.


GWI Water Index

US utilities rise on merger talk

A new-found interest in consolidation among publicly traded US water utilities resulted in outsized gains for some this month. The tone of the negotiations was less appealing.

Water on the markets this month:

GWI IndexValueChangeDate
Global Water154.911.95%10 Aug
Asian Water98.010.41%10 Aug
EMEA Water91.372.17%10 Aug
Americas Water253.642.56%10 Aug

The List

Private investment flows into water assets

What is the scope for brownfield investment in privately owned water assets globally? This month’s list ranks countries according to the number of existing water assets where private finance has been involved.


Christopher gasson The silver lining in global chaos

Christopher Gasson looks at how higher oil prices affect water.

Chart of the month

Global Water Summit Voting

This month we present three charts created by the audience response voting system at the final session of the Global Water Summit.

Chart of the month


Water Leaders

Leading water’s fightback against climate change in Southern California

While the state-wide drought in California eased last year, the picture in the south is as tough as ever. With wildfires raging and utilities under pressure, Metropolitan Water District boss Jeff Kightlinger tells GWI’s Samantha Yates how the region plans to build its way out of drought.

Being the best in the world is not our job

Singapore PUB’s chief executive Peter Ng has another goal in mind: being the best for Singapore. It means pursuing impossible performance targets, pushing the boundaries of technology, and still worrying about how to win the trust of customers.




Chief Technology Officer

User Perspectives

Puma takes the lead with supply chain sustainability strategy

The ubiquitous German sportswear brand is at the forefront of the changes being brought about in the textiles industry. GWI probes its relationship with a vast supply chain and its plans to coordinate a major evolution in water and wastewater treatment techniques.

Smart Water Watch

Innovyze touts asset management as the next big thing

The hydraulic modelling specialist is taking on the biggest trends in the digital water industry. What opportunities does it see away from its traditional areas of expertise?

CTO Outlook

A dual approach to innovating in water

Hitachi’s water business unit is trying to make a splash in desalination and the digital sector. GWI talks to its technology advisor Koichi Tsuzuki about the company’s two-pronged strategy of innovative treatment techniques and harnessing the Internet of Things.

See the latest technology updates on the Chief Technology Officer Homepage...


Oilfield water deals flourish as midstream model takes root

Over $2 billion in private equity has been committed to North American oilfield water service providers in the last three years. The ‘water midstream’ model is here to stay.

Solenis and BASF join forces to create €2.4bn chemicals powerhouse

The joint venture announced this month will combine Solenis’ service expertise with BASF’s extensive in-house chemical product portfolio, providing both firms with significant growth potential. The deal could be the precursor to an IPO further down the line.

Xylem’s new analytics platform set to target utility capex reductions

The creation of a new Advanced Infrastructure Analytics platform follows the recent acquisitions of Pure Technologies, EmNet, and Valor. Xylem CEO Patrick Decker explains his vision to GWI.

Proxy fights – the new face of regulated water?

Water M&A in the US just got ugly, with a four-way battle rocking the market from California to Connecticut. Is it a sign of things to come?

Clearford Water charts a path to profitability with renewed project finance commitment

The Canadian company’s losses are easing, but its decentralised DBFOM solution is struggling to gain traction. What is the way forward?

Brazilian water sector revolution hits the electoral buffers

GWI examines why the push for increased private sector participation in the Brazilian water sector has failed to meet expectations.

California mulls bills to tackle small systems

There is growing awareness of the need to address the hundreds of disadvantaged water systems in California that persistently fall short of drinking water standards. Could the development of an effective consolidation strategy serve as a blueprint for other states?

FGUA seeks qualifications for $40m operations contract

A slimmed-down opportunity in Florida is attracting widespread interest among private water operators.

Americas in brief

Rexnord has announced that it is selling its VAG valves unit, and discussions are understood to be underway with a number of interested parties. VAG generated $215 million of sales in 2017.

Debra coy Shake it up, baby

The battle lines are finally drawn for US water utility consolidation, says Debra Coy.

Asia pacific

Vietnam utility privatisation begins to hit its stride

The privatisation of Vietnam’s water sector has accelerated rapidly in the past two years. With local players filling the market, GWI’s Malin Hedlund asks where the foreigners are.

New body to run A$2bn Aussie water fund

Australia’s new Regional Investment Corporation will manage A$2 billion of federal funds earmarked for water infrastructure to support agricultural and regional development. A need to match funds at a local level means the private sector will be expected to contribute.

AIIB sets out its stall for blended finance

The risk-averse AIIB has not yet invested money directly into water or wastewater treatment projects, instead opting to channel money via infrastructure funds. Another low-risk strategy on the cards is to provide on-lending mechanisms for commercial banks.

ReNu Energy secures capital commitment to expand wastewater portfolio

The Australian project developer wants to grow big quickly. CEO Craig Ricato tell GWI how his new financial backer will make it a reality.

Asia Pacific in brief

Chinese project developer Beijing Enterprises Water Group has completed its acquisition of Australian operator Trility.

Willy yeo Hunting for a Chinese winner

In the second part of his profile of CITIC Envirotech, GWI’s Willy Yeo takes a look at the company’s backers, and its financial performance.


Istanbul’s intercontinental path to address water needs

Turkey’s largest city faces growing pressure from changing demographics and climate change. Water boss Fatih Turan tells GWI about his plans for a change in strategy.

Resonance water fund broadens its horizons

Deploying capital in industrial water requires a mix of flexibility and repeat business. Resonance Asset Management has access to both.

Rosvodokanal on the block as Alfa seeks exit

Russia’s largest private water company is on the market for the first time in 15 years. What are its prospects for growth?

Yorkshire Water sale process inches forward

Two of Kelda’s shareholders are offering a majority stake in the company. What sort of premium could it attract?

UK water faces new calls for resilience

The sector has come under mounting political pressure to invest for the future.

David lloyd owen Wiping out wet wipes

David Lloyd Owen finds echoes of Victor Hugo in London’s sewers.

Europe in brief

A newly formed joint venture between Kinetix Corporate Finance and Critchleys will focus on environmental technologies in the spheres of energy, water and food resource efficiency.

Middle East and Africa

Saudi Arabia pushes for speed on regional PPP contracts

Time is of the essence for the Saudi authorities as they look to get the first elements of a dual-stage management-to-concession process out to the market this year. With many questions still to be answered, the key players joined GWI in Paris to take on the challenge.

WEC reassures Saudi PPP bidders over project crowding as new investors step up

Khalid Al-Qureshi, the head of the body at the centre of Saudi Arabia’s water privatisation process, told delegates at GWI’s Saudi privatisation workshop last month that the company is well equipped to take on the challenges facing it.

Saudi Arabia unveils more private wastewater treatment plants

Following a very strong response from bidders to two flagship projects, the pace of the independent sewage treatment plant programme is set to pick up.

Desalination giant SWCC plots out a future without desal plants

The planned brownfield privatisation of water production in the Kingdom means that the world’s largest desalination company now faces the prospects of a future without any plants. What does the future hold for the Saline Water Conversion Corporation?

Jordan says Red-Dead desal could still be on

The long-awaited project hit political problems last year, but Jordan wants to remain positive. It is still pushing ahead with alternatives.

Construction giant Hassan Allam plans pivot to water infrastructure investment

One of Egypt’s largest companies is looking to take advantage of what it predicts will be a renaissance in Egyptian water PPPs.

Haya Water seeks to set benchmark for PPPs in Omani wastewater roll-out

The country’s sewage network needs serious investment. National wastewater authority Haya Water is looking to make a breakthrough for BOTs, even while operating under the shadow of a national utility restructuring that could see it disappear completely.

Israel steps up desalination expansion plans

Drought and population growth have convinced the state to firm up the tender timetable for the next phase of its desalination roll-out.

Lagos State re-ignites water PPP programme

The market for water BOTs in Nigeria is being revived with a new set of opportunities. It will need to go hand-in-hand with reform.

Tom scotney Making the water-energy nexus pay off

Tom Scotney looks at three ways to improve energy efficiency in plant design in the Middle East.

Middle East in brief

A consortium comprising PwC, Curtis, Castalia and Mott MacDonald is understood to have been appointed to advise Oman’s Nama Holding on the restructuring of the country’s water and wastewater utility bodies. The process is aimed at making the sector more financially sustainable.