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Market Map

Beating the burn rate for resource and energy recovery from sludge

Traditional methods of managing sludge as a waste product are being challenged by technologies carrying the promise of sludge as a resource for energy and nutrients. What is fuelling the interest?

Resource and energy recovery from sludge: Key terminology

Smart Water Watch

Rise in IoT compels chemicals companies to adopt new digital strategies

Water treatment chemicals companies are bulking up their digital network solutions to enhance client relationships. What are the different strategies that companies are adopting?

From the Chief Technology Officer

Developing tech from the outside in

A focus on pre-empting new regulations and working closely with customers has led to the creation of important new technologies from GE’s up-for-sale water business. GE Water & Process Technologies’ chief technology officer Tom Stanley explains the strategy. read more

User Perspectives

Textile and garment makers spin ZLD yarns

GWI speaks to key members of the textile industry from the Indian subcontinent to find out how they rise to the challenge of working in one of the world’s worst water-polluting industries.

First Report

Nanotech for the oil sands

Conventional technologies can struggle in the highly contaminated wastewater created from operations in the oil sands. This month GWI assesses the impact nanotechnology could have in the space.