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Market Map

Nutrient removal limits drive the greening of wastewater treatment

Deploying algae in wastewater treatment offers a quadruple win of nutrient removal, water of reuse quality, material for biofuel and carbon capture. A cautious optimism for increased uptake pervades the industry.

Market map final

Smart Water Watch

AR and VR: are they growing realities or flashy gimmicks?

Several water utilities are piloting augmented and virtual reality technologies for different purposes. GWI investigates if the solutions offer tangible benefits or are just inessential luxuries.

Kamstrup targets developing markets as appetite for smart metering grows

Kamstrup has been capitalising on emerging smart water meter markets in Africa and the Middle East and ramping up innovation to fuel a thriving water business. What opportunities does the company see going forward?

From CTO

Tom pankratz

Our love/hate relationship with algae

Tom Pankratz

Algae has traditionally been viewed as a nuisance, particularly by desalters, where it has had far-reaching consequences in plant design. Tom Pankratz gets to the bottom of the water sector’s relationship with one of nature’s enigmas, and how its role is changing to be beneficial. read more

User Perspectives

OMV leading the field in enhanced oil recovery innovation

Austrian oil and gas leader OMV has built environmental responsibility into its corporate identity, but as its core fields mature, it is having to adapt constantly to new operational parameters. GWI discovers how it plans to tackle the future landscape of the industry.

CTO Outlook

Expanding R&D to meet China’s needs

Amid a backdrop of unprecedented levels of attention towards China’s environmental problems, China Everbright Water has ramped up the scope of its technology development. GWI talks to the project developer’s technical director to find out the rewards being reaped. read more

First Report

Power Ultrasound by Altum Technologies

Altum’s approach is to use externally-mounted – to a pipe or tank – ultrasound-generating piezoelectric transducers, focused at a particular target point in the container for the best cleaning effect. The transducers produce an oscillating sound wave into the liquid stream, making air bubbles with increasing diameters. When the cavitation threshold is exceeded, the bubbles collapse, producing high-force shockwaves onto the inner surface of a container, displacing the fouling deposited there...

Daisy Robot by Pipeguard Robotics

Sensors are housed in the ring of “fins” of the robot – which resembles a shuttlecock – and as the robot flows passively through the water, the sensors come into contact with the pipe wall. If a leak exists, it will produce a suction force pulling on the fins of the robot. As the suction sensors stretch from the counterforce exerted by the flow of the water pushing it forward, the magnitude of the leak can be measured.

Daisy currently comes in sizes to suit three different diameters of pipe: 50mm, 100mm and 150mm...