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Market Map

Starting the voyage of a lifetime

The long overdue ratification of the 2004 IMO ballast water management convention is expected to unleash a flood of orders for treatment systems. How will the technology market shape up?

Starting the voyage of a lifetime: Key terminology

Smart Water Watch

Hands begin to be shown in game of IoT

As low power IoT communications networks expand their coverage, smart water vendors look to exploit the opportunities. An alternative narrow band network backed by the telecommunications industry is poised for market entry.

User Perspectives

Nowhere to hide for tanners in dealing with wastewater issues

European tanners are holding on to their market positions by preserving the quality of their water sources. GWI finds out the obligations the leather producers have been set in wastewater treatment.

CTO Outlook

Tom pankratz

The ins and outs of desalination

Tom Pankratz

The proportional costs of intakes and outfalls of a desalination plant are increasing rapidly. Tom Pankratz argues that an impetus on research in this area is more justified than looking at membrane improvements. read more

K-water ramps up its technology strategy to embrace Industry 4.0

K-water is targeting international markets with its enhanced focus on smart water technologies. Chief Research Officer Seong Han Kim tells GWI how the strategy is moving away from its traditional water supply systems business. read more