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Market Map

Renewing desalination’s licence to operate

Improving the energy efficiency of desalination plants can reduce costs, not to mention their environmental impact. What can renewable energy and innovative solutions offer?

Renewing desalination’s licence to operate: Key Terminology

Smart Water Watch

Utilities navigate the risks of cyberspace

The Internet is a hostile space for water utilities and their SCADA systems. GWI speaks to security experts about how utilities are protecting themselves from malicious parties.

From CTO

Tom pankratz

Waste not, want not

Tom Pankratz

Tom Pankratz explains that waste heat and solar energy have roles to play in powering desalination processes, but more research into reducing energy requirements is always welcome. read more

User Perspectives

Nestlé looks for gamut of new solutions in water management

GWI discovers that global food & beverage giant Nestlé has extensive needs to enhance its wastewater treatment processes. Better nutrient removal systems and intelligent data analysis are top of the shopping list.

CTO Outlook

Blurring the lines between water, waste and energy

The city state of Singapore has been forced to innovate in technology to ensure its water security. The Executive Director of water R&D centre NEWRI explains how its focus is now moving to value from waste. read more