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Market Map

Chinese membrane companies conquer new frontiers

In response to the evolving stringent environmental standards, the domestic membrane power of China is rising, creating more intense competition with foreign companies. How are they adapting to the opportunities on offer?

Cto map


Terminology for the international membrane market (see CTO Section - Market Map, May 2018)

Smart Water Watch

Nautilus leak detection: an inside job

Leak detection specialist Aganova is eyeing up new corners of the international market. Its Nautilus technology, which detects leaks from within large-diameter pipes, is a major contributor to the company’s commercial success.

Fathom sees flourishing revenues in fiveyear future

With a business model designed to curb capital constraints for utilities, Fathom is bulking up its customer portfolio at a gathering pace. A billion-dollar valuation shimmers on the horizon.

From CTO

Tom pankratz

Options galore in the membrane market

Tom Pankratz

The dynamics of the membrane sales market have shifted dramatically since the 1980s. Commoditisation and system standardisation has widened competition and brought down prices, GWI’s Tom Pankratz explains. read more

User Perspectives

Kimberly-Clark flushes out water stress areas with anniversary goal

The American hygiene products colossus is moving up a gear in its approach to water management, redefining its own goals and working to release a digital platform to tackle issues at a local level. GWI finds out about the next steps. 

CTO Outlook

Integrating the technologies of tomorrow

Wabag’s experience as an EPC contractor as well as a solid track record of in-house technology development has put it at the vanguard of innovation. CTO Kim Soerensen shares how Wabag is responding to the key trends of water recycling and more advanced treatment. read more

First Report

Inverted Capacitive Deionisation by PowerTech Water

Based on technology developed at the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research, PowerTech Water is commercialising a new take on the traditional capacitive deionisation process (CDI) in order to enhance its stability and durability without requiring ion-exchange membranes.

Known as inverted capacitive deionisation (INCION), salt separation is achieved in an opposite fashion to traditional CDI systems. When a voltage is applied...

Smart Electrocoagulation by Hydroleap

Singapore-based Hydroleap is attempting to commercialise a modular electrocoagulation system that tackles the traditional problem of corrosion and scaling of the electrodes, issues that dramatically increase the power consumption over time. Hydroleap has developed a platform called Smart Power Distribution (SPD) which incorporates water quality sensors and electrode potential sensors in order to get real-time information on how the system is performing.