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Cto cover june 2018

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Market Map

The future of microbial ecosystems in wastewater treatment

Pressure to treat effluents in a tighter regulatory climate and restricted footprint is opening the door for more bioaugmentation practices. The technique is spreading from the industrial domain to the municipal space.

Market map


June 2018 Market Map - Terminology

Smart Water Watch

Keeping heads above water with satellite image analysis

Satellite image analysis companies such as Utilis and Satelytics are offering utilities a new perspective on their networks. Can this small step offer utilities new insights or is it a giant leap too far?

From CTO

Taking the P in the circular economy

Europe is leading the way in phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge. Its push for a sustainable resource future is a nice story but O&M benefits at plants remain the key driver, argues Charlie Walker. read more

User Perspectives

ABP grabs the bull by its horns with resource recovery drive

Irish beef manufacturer ABP Food Group is turning its own waste into an asset by delving more into the circular economy. GWI discovers how it derives value from its nutrient-rich wastewater and what’s next for the food giant.

CTO Outlook

Making infrastructure more intelligent

Utilities across the developed world face the challenge of ageing infrastructure and the need for more customer engagement. Mueller Water Products’ Hassan Ali outlines the company’s plans to extend asset life and the role advanced metering infrastructure can play. read more

First Report

Microwave Enhanced Advanced Oxidation by Boost Environmental Systems

Vancouver-based Boost Environmental Systems was incorporated in 2016 to bring to market a continuous-flow microwave enhanced advanced oxidation process for sludge pretreatment developed at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Velocens by Roshan Water Solutions

Edmonton-based Roshan Water Solutions has developed a simple, portable and cost-effective detection technique for the bacteria Escherichia coli (E. coli) that claims to return a reading in just one hour.