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Market Map

Breaking down the barriers for membrane bioreactors

With the growing size of plants and their strong applicability for the reuse market, the market for MBRs is going from strength to strength. GWI looks at where the technology goes from here.

Breaking down the barriers for membrane bioreactors: Key terminology

Smart Water Watch

Sigfox prepares to ramp up operations for IoT in water market

In its quest to become a global network operator in the burgeoning IoT market, the start-up is placating defensive telecom giants with a conciliatory tone.

User Perspectives

Car makers shift up a gear in water reuse efforts

The automotive industry is turning to closed-loop strategies to minimise water consumption. GWI talks to two European car giants about the drive to zero impact.

CTO Outlook

Smaller but wiser

Membrane bioreactors have developed to be a more than credible alternative to conventional activated sludge. Tom Pankratz assesses their advantages in wastewater treatment. read more

Rising to the top in systems intelligence

Xylem is combining smart M&A with customer-focused organic technology development to create a formidable digital water player. Chief Innovation and Technology Officer Jay Iyengar explains how the IoT and big data will be game-changers for the industry. read more