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Market Map

Micro-managing the emerging threat of micropollutants

Measures to manage micropollutants in water bodies continue to progress towards mandatory upgrades to treatment plants. GWI looks at the treatment options available for meeting the problems posed by emerging contaminants.

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Smart Water Watch

Aclara shines brighter with new technology solutions in water

The smart infrastructure services provider is bringing more value to its flagship STAR communications network technology by acquiring new capabilities in big data analytics. What is its strategy for the water sector?

From CTO

Tom pankratz

Direct Potable Reuse: a Brave New World

Tom Pankratz

Tom Pankratz argues that new analytic techniques in water microbiology can help further break down the obstacles to direct potable reuse. read more

User Perspectives

UPM barks up the right tree of water sustainability

Finland’s leading pulp and paper producer is approaching diminishing marginal returns from water efficiency and treatment technologies. GWI speaks to its environmental experts about the challenge of finding new ways to improve wastewater quality.

CTO Outlook

How to revolutionise biological treatment

A state of energy neutrality or energy positive in treatment processes is an ambition harboured by many water utilities across the globe.
GWI talks to Aqualia’s technology guru Frank Rogalla to find out the steps that need to be taken. read more

First Report

Cyclodextrin Polymer by Cyclopure

Cyclopure, founded in 2016, is commercialising porous, cross-linked polymers for the removal of micropollutants down to levels of single digits parts per trillion (ppt). It has developed adsorbents based on the sugar derivative cyclodextrin, which has a cupshaped structure that can bind numerous organic molecules.

Micro-algae by Industrial Phycology

Bristol, UK-based Industrial Phycology is looking to commercialise a microalgae-based treatment that will remove specific nutrients from wastewater such as phosphorus and even heavy metals without the need for chemical flocculation.