Latest news and project tracker updates from Europe

Saur prepares for accelerated international growth

Europe final

Following a period of relative stagnation, the group has embarked on a fresh drive to grow its international presence. CEO Louis-Roch Burgard shares his strategy with GWI.

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Project Tracker: Europe

Latest news and project tracker updates from Europe

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Guadarrama B... Spain 11 Dec 17 Bids are now d... WWTP
Castilla-La ... Spain 05 Dec 17 According to t... WWTP
Alberche WWT... Spain 29 Nov 17 The contract h... WWTP
Sistema Rio ... Spain 29 Nov 17 The contract w... WWTP
La China WWT... Spain 29 Nov 17 Bids were open... WWTP

UK renationalisation debate moves forward

The implications of the UK water sector being placed under government control after nearly 30 years of private ownership are complex and varied. Who would receive the better deal – bondholders or equity-holders?

Yorkshire Water invites feedback on sludge

The company wants to optimise the way it manages its bioresources by building a more diverse set of relationships with third parties. It is starting from a position of artificial inefficiency.

New legislation to revamp bidding rules

The jury is still out on what Spain’s new procurement law will mean for much-needed private sector investment, particularly in wastewater treatment.

Catalunya water escapes contagion

Despite the rhetoric from Madrid around the economic value destruction caused by the independence campaign, the water sector is functioning as normal – for now.

David lloyd owen

Ofwat and private perception

What a difference a year makes. Ofwat’s CEO Cathryn Ross gives a speech to debt analysts and investors each October. Last year’s was entitled ‘legitimacy through efficiency’, a pep talk encouraging water companies to ‘maintain customer legitimacy’ through providing a resilient, high-quality and affordable service, based on building customer trust on firm foundations. This year’s did not even have a title. Instead of her planned observations about how the current model can be improved upon, she felt that matters had moved on to ‘the very... Read more

Padlock GWI Briefing: Europe

Ofwat slaps down UK companies over data handling

National regulator Ofwat has instructed four UK water companies – Thames, Southern, Dee Valley, and...

Kelda starts non-reg divestment with plant sell-off

Kelda has raised almost £110m (including transfer of debt) from the sale of four water-treatment...

Spanish region plans privately funded WWTP rollout

The regional government of Castilla-La Mancha is to launch a €568 million programme next year aimed at...

Mixed bag as UK water plc reporting season kicks off

The first three UK water and sewerage companies to report their interim figures for 2017/18 recorded...

Global Water Market 2017: Published 31st March 2016

The latest edition of the Global Water Market is the most expansive yet.

Covering every angle of the global water sector, this report is the ultimate business development tool and is a must have resource for any water company looking to grow their business or bankers and consultants advising on deals in the water sector.

Where is Saur headed next?

A newly announced growth plan looks like the latest step in a carefully crafted process to prepare Saur for sale. Ian Elkins asks...

Italy aims to raise its game on water reuse

A new framework could pave the way for greater volumes of wastewater reuse in Italy. Broadening its appeal will depend on less...

Canadians bet on UK water for their pensions

Recent changes in Thames Water’s ownership have seen Canadian pension fund OMERS accumulate more than 25% of the company.

Europe water in brief

Veolia has sold CeraMem, its advanced membrane business for the oil and gas market, to CTI-Orelis.

Spain entertains desalination capacity boost for ...

The Spanish agricultural lobby has reluctantly embraced desalination after the Tagus- Segura pipeline dried up earlier this year. Do...

Suez looks for accelerated industrial growth afte...

Having catapulted itself into the premier league of global industrial water suppliers through the acquisition of GE Water, Suez is...

Evac set to cruise to market-beating growth under...

The Finnish water and waste company wants to double its revenue base under new owner Bridgepoint. It still lacks exposure to one of...

Yorkshire Water mulling debut ‘social bond’

As monopolies, water utilities have never had to worry too much about the wider benefits their interventions have on society at...

United Utilities pushes the envelope on CPI

A new 40-year bond linked to the consumer price index is believed to be the longest ever issued in this format by a UK water...

Fatbergs and the silo mentality

Joined-up thinking could mean the sewer blockages facing Thames Water could be turned into an opportunity, says David Lloyd Owen.

Europe water in brief

The UK Labour Party’s plans to buy back outstanding PFI contracts if it gets into power were met with disdain by industry body...

AMP7 concerns mount as procurement kicks off

Severn Trent’s AMP7 tender has reignited debate over the shape of client-contractor relationships in the next asset management...

UK water market prepares to re-assess the ABC of DPC

An industry workshop on 9th October will give UK water players the opportunity to engage with the regulator to shape its vision for...

Data: the outperformance catalyst

The ability to use data for proactive asset management promises much in the way of efficiencies for UK water companies going...