Latest news and project tracker updates from Europe

UK water retailers jockey for position as giant public sector contract looms


The prospect of a single, nationwide contract covering all public sector water users in England has got non-household water retailers salivating ahead of the market opening next April.

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Project Tracker: Europe

Latest news and project tracker updates from Europe

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UK water companies face up to post-Brexit pension pain

A dramatic increase in pension fund deficits in the wake of this summer’s Brexit vote could put pressure on returns in the sector. Which companies are worst affected?

United Utilities issues first CPI-linked water bonds

An impending change to the underlying index used to calculate the sector’s regulated asset value has raised the stakes for borrowers. There is still no liquid CPI debt market.

Tedagua considers capital rotation as portfolio matures

The Spanish company is looking to recycle the equity it holds in existing water projects as part of a broader policy to double revenues within five years.

Private water operators balance expectations as Czech concessions near renewal

Water contracts serving more than two million people are up for renewal in the Czech Republic between now and 2020. How will municipalities’ past relations with the private sector affect their decision to continue outsourcing?

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Getting a raw deal for customers

KPMG’s New business models in the water sector report, commissioned by Affinity Water, ponders where the opening up of the water utilities in England and Wales may take us going into AMP7 (2020-25) and beyond. It is a fascinating paper, not least for its broad survey of possibilities. It may also be something of a Pandora’s Box as far as unintended consequences go. The report suggests that a market for raw water be created. In essence, raw water would become a priced commodity, alongside treated or delivered water. This overlooks water being... Read more

Padlock GWI Briefing: Europe

Bactest back for more funding as losses deepen

UK-based start-up Bactest is planning a new equity funding round in Q1 2017 in order to support the...

Thames equity still available – in bite-sized chunks

Macquarie’s failure to find a buyer for its remaining 26.3% stake in Thames Water has ironically led...

KPMG report outlines UK water model changes

Regulatory change will force UK water companies to adopt different business models, according to a report...

Veolia shares shrug off senior staff suspensions

Veolia shares remained remarkably steady this week after the group suspended two senior officials in its...

Global Water Market 2017: Published 31st March 2016

The latest edition of the Global Water Market is the most expansive yet.

Covering every angle of the global water sector, this report is the ultimate business development tool and is a must have resource for any water company looking to grow their business or bankers and consultants advising on deals in the water sector.

Europe water in brief

Severn Trent raised £400 million via its first sterling benchmark bond in nearly four years at the end of November.

Romanian city to tackle NRW under performance con...

Progressive utility SC Raja is looking to stem system losses using a private contractor.

Veolia wins big in Armenia

Under a new contract, the company will extend its reach far beyond the capital.

Foreigners bail out of UK water as political and ...

The impending exit of a number of high-profile foreign investors from the UK regulated water market coincides with one of the...

To have and to hold

Flood prevention makes more sense than cleaning up your mess does, says David Lloyd Owen.

Europe water in brief

Up to 800 new biogas plants could be installed in Poland between now and 2020, according to a survey by anaerobic digestion investor...


  • Suez has increased its stake in Italian multi-utility Acea to 23.3%, as the company prepares for the consolidation of the Italian...

Double share deal cements Suez’s position in Italy

An increased stake in Acea will boost Suez’s exposure to Italian utility consolidation. A partnership with new shareholder...

Suez complements its biogas flowsheet with Prodev...

Having already collaborated on a number of commercial references, Suez has strengthened its relationship with biogas specialist...

Divining the new colour of money

Suez Ventures’ latest investment showcases how far the platform has come since launching under the Blue Orange name back in...

Eliquo Water establishes a municipal bridgehead i...

The German-owned EPC contractor has bolstered its nascent UK operation by buying an established equipment supplier and systems...

Quantifying the risks of UK water competition

With credit concerns threatening to stifle competition in a market with negligible net margins, what is the way forward for retail...

Catalan water law reform could create fresh priva...

Returning responsibility for wastewater management to ill-equipped municipalities could pave the way for a new crop of private...

The price of resilience

Secure supplies will cost English customers dear, but effective management means effective metering, says David Lloyd Owen.