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About the Global Water Leaders Group

The Global Water Leaders Group exists to make the world of water work better. Water services represent one of the great challenges of the 21st century. Growing scarcity, dilapidated infrastructure, environmental protection and rapid urbanisation are putting increased pressure on water utilities. By tapping into the expertise of water leaders from across the world, The Global Water Leaders Group aims to develop and deploy a common solution based around Find Out More the need for better coordination on finance, innovation and regulation.

Principal Activities:

  • Networking events: enabling utility leaders to meet to exchange ideas and experiences
  • Dissemination: GWI Magazine brings solutions to a wider leadership audience
  • Leadership training: executive programmes for water industry CEOs
  • Programme development: action on solutions to the water challenge


New digital directions mean new solutions

The digital revolution is here. Within the utilities sector numerous case studies are paving the way forward in all areas of water management: water and wastewater networks, metering, stormwater management, and treatment and reuse. With pilots and case studies proving that smart water can save money, increase water efficiencies and benefit customers, it should be less challenging for utilities to adopt and implement new technologies. The technology is available, the evidence is here. It is time for the rest of the sector to become committed to innovation on a new level.

Counting the cost of bad water

The Global Water Leaders Group’s work on new models for water access makes the point that the failure to manage urban wastewater has a health impact which may exceed the cost of failing drinking water systems. It calls for a change in policy.