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About the Global Water Leaders Group

The Global Water Leaders Group exists to make the world of water work better. Water services represent one of the great challenges of the 21st century. Growing scarcity, dilapidated infrastructure, environmental protection and rapid urbanisation are putting increased pressure on water utilities. By tapping into the expertise of water leaders from across the world, The Global Water Leaders Group aims to develop and deploy a common solution based around Find Out More the need for better coordination on finance, innovation and regulation.

Principal Activities:

  • Networking events: enabling utility leaders to meet to exchange ideas and experiences
  • Dissemination: GWI Magazine brings solutions to a wider leadership audience
  • Leadership training: executive programmes for water industry CEOs
  • Programme development: action on solutions to the water challenge


Sharjah’s water security

SEWA is beginning a major expansion of its acclaimed Aquifer Storage Recovery project, almost doubling Sharjah’s water reserves for peak use and emergency supplies. Although the reserve capacity is still relatively low by global comparison, the innovative structure and placement of the pumping stations has created benefits for the Emirate beyond water security to national security and antiterrorism measures.

From integrity to performance

The Khulna Water Supply and Sewerage Authority has implemented an integrity-led turnaround over the past two years, due to changes in the national regulations and with the help of the Water Integrity Network. The performance-based governance approach carried out at the utility has put it on the path to outstanding customer service, improved service coverage and greater financial sustainability.