Backing shipping containers against sewerless future

I changed my mind about decentralised wastewater treatment in Toronto last week after hearing a presentation from Newterra’s CEO Bruce Lounsbury.

Most of the people who talk about the joys of decentralised do so from the comfort of their own spreadsheets. They make the assumption that 70% of the costs of a wastewater system are in the network, and that by...

Hundreds of billions of reasons to price water right

This year’s Singapore International Water Week was the best one yet. The strength of the agenda, the quality and quantity of the attendees, the excitement and the buzz, was better than I ever remember it. At the same time, I still came away feeling dark about the outlook for the industry.

Matt Diserio of Water Asset Management, who is one of this industry’s...

On song in Singapore

I am on my way to Singapore for the International Water Week. The decision to move it to alternate years seems to have paid off – the agenda is very much reenergised, and the delegate list is as strong as it ever was.

GWI is supporting three events during the week and it would be great to see as many GWI readers there as possible.

The first is the most...

The A-Z of how the water industry can save the world

A new acronym is turning up in the water conference dialogue: the SDGs. It stands for the Sustainable Development Goals that are supposed to replace the Millennium Development Goals after 2015.

There are five of them relating to water:

• Target A: Achieve universal access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene.

• Target B: Improve by (x%) the...

Confronting fragmentation in the industrial market

I have been in Denver and Houston this week, shoring up our business in the industrial water market. In Denver, I was signing the deal to acquire the Ultrapure Water Journal from Tall Oaks Publishing. In Houston, I was at the Offshore Technology Conference meeting with the Produced Water Society board (GWI has taken over the Society’s commercial operations).


The new turning point for Australian water financing

I have been in Australia this week for the Ozwater conference in Brisbane. It was a great event, which I think will turn out to be a historic turning point.

Here is the reason why. Australia, in my view, has probably the most functional and forward-looking water sector in the world. It was the first to address the problem of climate change, and has led the way in...