Either pay for water or queue at the depot

A piece of Jeddah life came to Belfast over the New Year, but it wasn’t the scents and colours of the old town bazaar or the call of the muezzins as the sun sets over the Red Sea. It was the joys of queuing at the water depot to make it through a seasonal deficiency in piped water supply.

On the face of it, the cause of the supply difficulties that the two cities...

The silver lining in the cloud over municipal debt

Twenty-seven months on, the financial crisis has finally reached the municipal sector. Istanbul’s credit rating has been reduced to junk, Naples is just one notch above, while Florence, Madrid and Barcelona have been put on negative ratings watch. Meanwhile, yields on US municipal bonds have risen by 80 basis points in seven weeks.

It is always difficult to...

Is there a feasible model for selling Dubai’s utilities?

In the UAE last week, much of the business speculation centred around rumours over the future of Emirates, the jewel in the crown of Dubai’s economic boom.

It was not so much of a surprise, then, to see the airline named on the list of assets being considered for sale by the government in Dubai as it looks to rake back the billions of dollars worth of debts that...

Is water technology investing strictly for insiders?

I have been putting together a list of all the water technology investment deals that have taken place over the past two years for our new Water Market USA report (published later this month). It is interesting to see how the reality of water technology investment matches up to expectations.

From where we are sitting, technology investment seems to be one of the fastest...

Things I learned at the American Water Summit

GWI held its first US conference at Dulles Airport in Washington DC last week. It turned out to be a great event. Here are three things that I learned at the show.

1) We have a rock star in the house: George Hawkins, boss of DC Water. He is a Princeton and Harvard educated lawyer who wears his DC Water staff shirt wherever he goes. As a child, he watched Ohio’s...

From the Editor

Election cycles can say a lot about where a nation’s priorities are, not only in terms of which party gains control, but also the issues around which campaigns revolve.

But while no candidate will ever call themselves anti-water, how the water will be used is enough to start the debate.

One of the most visible has been in California, in both the governor’s...