A tale of two cities and three Ps

I have been in Riyadh and Beijing this week. I was surprised to discover that the governments of both countries are talking the same language: a language with just three letters in the alphabet: P, P, and P.

I am sure the coincidence of this enthusiasm for Public-Private Partnerships says something profound about the state of the global economy, especially as P3 also...

If people don’t trust experts, can they trust water?

I was in Boston last week for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Water Summit. It was a fascinating event focused on the future of the water utility. One exchange, however, seemed to say something discomforting about the outlook for the water sector.

On the stage was Joe Cotruvo, one of the leading water quality scientists in the US, a man responsible for much of...

The Trump victory: four downsides and one upside

Like most businesses with an internationalist outlook, Global Water Intelligence wasn’t celebrating Donald Trump’s election victory this week. Instead, we have been calculating what it means for water. Here are our thoughts:

1) Regulations: Although Trump promised to scrap the Environmental Protection Agency (or the Department of Environmental Protection as...

Who will buy GE Water?

The sale of GE Water has been rumoured for years. Now, thanks to the parent company’s decision to merge its oil and gas interests with Baker Hughes, GE Water is finally on the block. It is without doubt the highest quality large water asset to come onto the market in a decade, and its sale will reshape the whole industry.

The question is, who is going to buy it?


Turning an asset business into a service business

When we chose “Catalyzing Collaboration” as the theme for this year’s American Water Summit, it didn’t seem that urgent. Six months later, I am very glad we went with it: something is changing in the US water market, and it means that different kinds of companies are going to find themselves working together in ways they never did before.

When I...

Aussie desalters created Frankenstein’s monster

Utility leaders in Australia have a lot in common with Dr Frankenstein. It is not a comparison I had ever thought of until I visited Brisbane this week for the International Water Association’s World Water Congress and Exhibition. I was supposed to be there to join a panel to discuss the learning points from the Millennium Drought.

The story is very much one of...