China Industrial Water Markets: Opportunities and partnerships in the new focus on industrial wastewater treatment

  • Published: July 6th, 2015
  • Author: Global Water Intelligence
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China Industrial Water Markets: Opportunities and partnerships in the new focus on industrial wastewater treatment


“According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), reaching the targets [outlined in the Water Pollution Action Plan that has just been released]… will require the direct purchase of treatment products and services exceeding $230 billion and indirect investment of $80.6 billion” — GWI Magazine, May 2015

The new Chinese government has made a commitment to get tough on industrial polluters, with the publication of its Water Pollution Action Plan in April. While official data claims that 70% of China’s industrial wastewater is treated before discharge, experts consider 30% to be a far more realistic number. This plan could potentially lead to direct investments of over $230 billion. In addition to increased investment, there will be double digit growth in some industries, making the Chinese industrial water sector a very buoyant market for international players. The broadening appeal of the environmental industry and the sheer scale of investment required to bring plants up to the regulatory standards has raised the profile of the water industry in this market. International companies need to be ready to take advantage of the window of opportunity to enter the Chinese industrial water sector.

How will the Environmental Protection Law create opportunities for international players?

This new report, “China Industrial Water Markets: Opportunities and partnerships in the new focus on industrial wastewater treatment” is must-have report for any business wanting to expand their international presence in the water sector. The Chinese industrial water market is promising new opportunities for foreign companies to partner with local players and Chinese industrial clients to meet stricter environmental regulations and we give you the tools you need to identify the opportunities for your business.

For many years, discharge regulations have been lenient in the industrial sector but the Environmental Protection Law will be a game-changer. Industrial clients will have to start taking water seriously and invest in advanced water treatment technologies for the first time - they will need the expertise of international companies to get adequate systems in place. This report will analyse the implications of these regulations on discharge volumes and quality of effluent as well as detailing specific discharge regulations by industry, so you can find a niche for your technology in this market.

This actionable short report will help you understand how regulations are driving opportunities and enable you to assess which industries offer the greatest opportunity – and the least local competition – for your solutions.

Market Drivers

 China Industrial Water Markets: Opportunities and partnerships in the new focus on industrial wastewater treatment will provide analysis of the key developments driving change and investment in the market. We explore the following drivers, so you can assess which of your solutions can help your potential clients to meet their water challenges:

  • More Stringent Environmental Regulations – we analyse which new policies and legislation will have the biggest impact on industrial water users in terms of the water usage and wastewater discharge. Find out what standards industrial clients need to meet and understand how this new legislation will drive investment in the various technologies and services offered by foreign companies
  • Water Scarcity – many of the country’s most industrious regions are located in water scarce areas. We identify the industries facing the greatest water challenges and the opportunities for water reuse to meet these challenges – so you can identify which industries will benefit most from your solutions
  • Industrial Growth – there are some industries that are also experiencing growth on top of the need to meet new regulations. We provide you with forecast data so you can pinpoint which industries should be targeted in your strategy
  • The Environmental Industry – this report analyses why industrial water users in China are now recognising that environmental protection could be an investment opportunity and how the new favourable policies will encourage businesses in China to work with international companies

Key Features

The industrial sector is a key focus in the Water Pollution Action Plan. This report focuses on the opportunities for international water companies in the Chinese industrial water market, offering:

  • Market Forecasts - Capital expenditure by industry: Power; Coal-to-chemicals; Refining; Steel processing; Pulp & paper; Food & Beverage; Pharmaceuticals; Microelectronics
  • Market Forecasts - Capital expenditure by system: Process water treatment; Wastewater treatment; High recovery wastewater treatment (ZLD)
  • Analysis of Technology Trends - we show you why China’s industries are moving from conventional treatment towards adopting advanced water treatment technologies. Understand the trends in different industries, and assess which of your technologies have a place in the market
  • Overview of Market Dynamics – identify the existing market players and the gaps in the market for international expertise. Find out how enter the supply chain and to co-operate with domestic companies in implementing technologies and solutions that meet their needs
  • Overview of Trends by Industry – the market is highly fragmented and water treatment needs vary by industry: this report will help you navigate the market and to identify the niche for your solution


This report explores the key areas of opportunity for foreign companies to break in to the Chinese market. Industries are looking for international expertise to guarantee they meet stricter water quality standards; we focus on the advanced solutions and services that will have the least local competition and highlight the strongest growth segments.

Wastewater Treatment
We show you why the biggest opportunities for international players and start-up technology companies will be in the application of advanced technologies for wastewater treatment, with a focus on ZLD in the coal-to-chemicals, refining and power industries.

Process Water
International knowhow and expertise is also needed for ultrapure water applications within the pharmaceutical and microelectronics industries.

Industries Covered

Although not all industries are experiencing high growth, the following industries will offer significant opportunities within the next three years:

  • Power
  • Coal-to-chemicals
  • Refining and Petrochemicals
  • Steel
  • Microelectronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Food & Beverage


Who Should Read This Report?

This report is an essential tool for any company devising a strategy for entering or expanding their presence in the Chinese industrial water market. No matter what your solution or service offering, this report gives you the insight you need to capitalise on the new opportunities in this market.

  • Operators and full solution providers – understand market demands and the needs of your potential clients. Find out how strategic partnerships will help you win outsourcing and operating contracts and understand how to establish your business as a key player in this market
  • Equipment suppliers and technology providers – this report will help you understand the different avenues for selling your solution into this market, whether it is selling directly to industrial clients or partnering with domestic companies. Find out how regulatory trends are driving the demand for specific solutions and how to tailor your offering to ensure you integrate your technology into the supply chain of this growing market

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