The Global Water Market Package

  • Published: June 30th, 2017
  • Author: Global Water Intelligence
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The Global Water Market Package


Over the first three editions Global Water Market has established itself as the key reference work on the industry. It is used by more than 50% of the top 100 global water companies, and it has become the must-have resource for bankers and consultants advising on deals in the water sector. The 5 Volume Global Water Market 2017 introduces an unprecedented level of granularity to the data and analysis, so you can drill down to the information you need with precision. In addition to the 5 volume report, the package includes an accompanying Market Insight: The Global Water Market in 2018 report and forecast update, with commentary on major developments in 2017 to keep your business on track through 2018-2022.

The Global Water Market Package consists of two parts: 

Global Water Market 2017 - meeting the world's water and wastewater needs until 2020: This 5 Volume Report is the most expansive yet. The scope of the report has been extended beyond the geographical focus of previous editions and now includes 100 country profiles, the main players in each market space and data, analysis and forecasts for key markets including, technologies, equipment, services, networks, public private partnerships and engineering and procurement.

Market Insight: The Global Water Market in 2018 - the transition to smarter spending in water & wastewater: Growing financial and regulatory changes to the water sector, and the development of smarter systems around the world are shaping the water market and opening up opportunities for companies ready to evolve and maximise their growth potential. In a succinct 40 pages, this supplementary market insight report provides additional commentary on the major developments in 2017 that will affect investment and opportunity in the water sector, and shape your strategy for 2018-2022. 

Available to purchase as a package or separately.

The Global Water Market 2017

Global Water Market 2017
 is an essential handbook
 for any company that needs a complete view of the global water sector, helping you plan your next move. It goes beyond the geographic focus of previous editions of GWI’s bestselling information resource to create a detailed matrix of market analysis by technology, by end user, by business model and by product type. Furthermore, the report maps out the participants in each market space, to create the ultimate business development tool. This report covers every angle of the global water sector, including coverage of major markets, key companies, and the popular country profiles.


Key Features

Global and country-by-country forecasts from 2014 to 2020 - Forecasts of capital and operating expenditure for the utility and industrial sectors, broken down by application, technology and equipment to help understand the size of the market for your solution or service

32 In-depth country chapters - Featuring analysis of the regional opportunities, explanation of market dynamics, current and future projects, major market participants and a brand new industrial water section, giving you the tools you need to identify the best markets to target for growth and to plan your strategy for entering, or expanding your presence in, those regions.

68 Country trend reports - Includes historical data and spending forecasts in a visually accessible format to help you assess the direction of your target market.

Companies & Markets – In addition to the geographical coverage, Global Water Market 2017 now includes expansive data and analysis of key global markets including engineering and contracting, water and wastewater treatment, networks and infrastructure equipment and industrial water, so you have a complete picture of the current and emerging opportunities in each sector. All of the major key players in each market are featured, giving you all the information you need to establish the size and shape of the market.

Read more about the Companies and MarketsCountry Chapters and Datasets available 


Market Insight: The Global Water Market in 2018

This supplementary market insight incorporates brand new data
 from countries such the USA and China, and builds on insights from our latest reports, including Desalination & Water Reuse and Water’s Digital Future providing you with both regional insights and analysis, and a global outlook on emerging market developments, in a succinct format - saving you time and resource.

The report pinpoints the most important changes in the water market, exploring the growing deployment of smart systems, big-data technologies, and decentralised solutions for water treatment around the world. It examines financial and regulatory changes to the water sectors in countries such as Japan, Saudi Arabia, Peru, and Brazil, and which markets are increasingly opening up to private sector involvement.

Key Features

Smarter Investment in the Developed Markets – We explore the increasing investment in smart systems, big-data technologies and infrastructural improvements by utilities in North America and Europe, and how this will affect water market forecasts for the developed economies, utility operating expenditure, and the prospects for software-as-a-service providers in the water industry.

Private Sector Opportunities in Water - An overview of the countries implementing new legislation to encourage private sector involvement in water, how their markets are opening up, and what these changes will mean for your business. This report will focus on water markets in the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia.

The Outlook for Medium Size Growth markets in 2018 - With countries such as Saudi Arabia and Peru implementing new water laws and financing structures, this report will give you an insight into the upcoming opportunities in these emerging market spaces.

Technology Opportunities and Trends - We examine the growing use of decentralised modular and containerised treatment solutions and how they will affect rural water use, and the ability of the Oil & Gas and mining industries to meet their water needs. Plus, how shifting technology preferences and new regulations will affect the sludge treatment market.

Desalination & Water Reuse Forecast Update – An update on how the unconventional water market will develop in 2018-2022 as utilities and industries increasingly turn to new solutions and partnerships to solve water scarcity. We identify technology use trends and the regions that are driving investment in the advanced water treatment market.

Industrial Market Forecast Update – We analyse changes in the Power, Mining, Oil & Gas and Refining industries, and others, so you can stay up to date with the latest developments in industrial water market.

Find out more about The Global Water Market in 2018

An Essential Resource For:

Investors and Financiers – this report will provide you with all the information you need to do your preliminary market research in a fraction of the time, and all the quantitative data and forecasting you need to identify the best investment opportunities.

Consultants – get the complete picture of the dynamics of the global water market to inform your insights, strategy and action. Dive deeper into specific regions, markets and key trends to uncover key opportunities for your clients.

Equipment Suppliers and Technology Companies – this report analyses supply chains, procurement models and key trends in the water sector, identifying the biggest opportunities in each market, and enabling you to find the most effective ways to enter or expand your involvement in different markets, and develop your solutions in line with key market developments.

EPC Contractors, Systems Integrators and Developers - this is a critical budgeting and strategy tool for executives working within the water sector. It will help you understand how your core markets are developing, which markets to target for growth, who your competitors are and how those markets work in practise. This is the only report where you can find comprehensive data and forecasts for the municipal and industrial sectors in one place.

Policy Makers, Water Utilities and Aid Agencies – find detailed examples on organisational structure, financial mechanisms and operational management. 


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