GWI Analysts' Report: Opportunities and dynamics in the MF/UF membrane market

  • Published: March 19th, 2014
  • Author: Global Water Intelligence
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GWI Analysts' Report: Opportunities and dynamics in the MF/UF membrane market


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Overview of GWI Analyst's Report: Opportunities and dynamics in the MF/UF membrane market

Despite global financial headwinds, MF/UF membranes remain one of the fastest growing technology sectors. With a predicted compound annual growth rate of 11.9% over the next five years, the market is showing signs of a strong return to growth driven by the recovery of the seawater desalination market and growth in the industrial sector. There will be diverse opportunities for manufacturers and this report pinpoints exactly where these opportunities lie.

UF/MF membrane market 


More Information about GWI Analyst Reports

New Series: GWI Analyst Reports

We are pleased to present the first title in our new series of “GWI Analysts’ Reports” – opportunities and dynamics in the MF/UF membrane market. Designed for busy water professionals who need to access to data-rich, actionable market intelligence focused on specific business segments, this new market report series gives you everything you need to move your company forward in a format that is quick to digest. We densely populate each page with information about market trends and predicted growth, analyse key market players so you can strategically position your business and offer granular forecasts for sections of that market.

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Key Features

Whether you are planning your business expansion, keeping an eye on your competitors or looking to understand the emerging technology trends in the market, our Analysts’ report on the MF/UF membrane market will help. We offer:

  • Global market size and growth rates for global MF/UF and MBR membranes across the municipal, industrial and desalination sectors, so you can devise your business plan
  • Regional trend analysis – region-by-region we anticipate the contracted volume of and growth in capital expenditure on MF/UF membrane elements, so you can identify the markets with the best prospects for your business
  • Trends in application – divided into municipal, industrial and desalination uses, the report analyses market share by application and predicted capital expenditure growth in each sector ¬– so you can understand which segment of the market will offer the best opportunities
  • Country trends – we identify the largest markets for MF/UF installations and hone in on the two largest markets. For China and the USA, we analyse the market status, dynamics and competitive landscape – so you can understand how to break into the leading markets or maintain your competitive advantage
  • Competitive dynamics for global MF/UF market – company and project market share intelligence with company profiles of the biggest players. We analyse business strategies, and new technologies, so you can assess the position of your business and plan your future strategy
  • Technology trends – the report analyses technology trends, emerging players and their technologies, so you can understand the how the market is progressing and predict future activity

Market Drivers

Things are looking up for MF/UF membrane market after a temporary downturn. This new report analyses past trends and the current status of the market as well as examining why the following market drivers are encouraging growth and how these developments are creating opportunities for your business:

  • Water scarcity – increasing urbanisation and industrialisation in water scare areas are driving water reuse in water scarce regions – this report shows you how this is driving investment in MF/UF membranes, particularly in the Asia Pacific region
  • Growth in the Americas – after a period of softness, we show you how steady growth in the municipal market will offer good prospects for MF/UF membrane manufacturers
  • Regulations – regulations on water supply and wastewater discharge are becoming more stringent. We show you how and where this market development will create opportunities in both the municipal and industrial sectors.


  • Global MF/UF membrane market by sector, 2005-2018
  • Capital expenditure forecasts for MF/UF elements by region and by sector, 2011-2018
  • Commissioned MF/UF volume by region 2005-2018
  • Contracted volume of MF/UF membrane elements by sector, 2005-2018
  • Commissioned volume of MF/UF membrane elements in MBR systems, 2005-2018
  • Capital Expenditure for MF/UF membrane elements in MBR systems, 2005-2018
  • Top 10 countries by installed MF/UF membrane capacity in plants >10,000m3 since 2005
  • UF/MF market share for projects
  • Company market share of MF/UF market
  • Capital expenditure for MF/UF membrane elements in industrial treatments systems by sector, 2011-2018
  • Contracted volume of MF/UF membrane elements in industrial water sector by region, 2005-2018
  • Capital expenditure for MF/UF membrane elements in industrial water sector by region, 2005-2018


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