India Water Markets: Opportunities for wastewater treatment in a tougher regulatory climate

  • Published: August 28th, 2015
  • Author: Global Water Intelligence
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India Water Markets: Opportunities for wastewater treatment in a tougher regulatory climate


A crackdown on water pollution is in motion. New regulations and tougher action on offenders is driving a multi-billion dollar wastewater market set for considerable growth in the coming years. Sanmit Ahuja, CEO of Oval Observer Foundation, told GWI Magazine (June,2015) that the private sector needs to get involved in the clean-up of the Ganga to meet the capital requirements of the plan and that a market for treated water needs to be created.

The new report, India Water Markets: Opportunities for wastewater treatment in a tougher regulatory climate is your guide to the key developments driving investment in the Indian water market.  In-depth forecasts, procurement model and supply chain analysis will enable you to identify the best opportunities for your business and to develop a strong strategy for market entry.

Market Drivers:

India Water Markets: Opportunities for wastewater treatment in a tougher regulatory climate will provide analysis of the most important changes and developments that are driving investment and activity in the Indian Water Market. The following drivers will be further explored in order to help you take full advantage of all the available opportunities:

·         New Regulations for Utility Plants:  The Central Pollution Control Board has issued new regulations for wastewater discharge in India. Find out how these changes are driving the need for plant upgrades and more advanced technology.

·         The River Ganga clean-up: Untreated raw sewage and industrial effluents are being discharged directly into the water. This report evaluates how the new government is strongly committed to cleaning up the river in the near future, giving you a clear picture of the different investment opportunities.

·         Stricter action on Industrial Polluters:  Due to high discharge volumes, industrial units are being forced to reuse wastewater and resort to zero liquid discharge. We reveal which regulations are driving the need for advanced technologies.

·         Increased Water Scarcity: Industries are facing stiff competition from agriculture and domestic demand for freshwater resources. Discover which areas have an urgent need for water reuse and desalination.

·         Industrialization: India’s development is driving strong industrial growth creating an increased demand for water. Furthermore, industrial parks are being built across the country and will require state of the art water management systems, creating valuable opportunities for international players to get involved.


How will the changes taking place in India’s water industry create opportunities for local and international players?

1.       New wastewater treatment plants and plant upgrades: The overall cost of cleaning the Ganga has been estimated at $100billion. For this purpose, many additional wastewater treatment plants will be required, as well as the need for upgrading existing plants and more advanced wastewater treatment in order to comply with stricter regulations.

2.       New plants driving opportunities for new technologies: More and more plants in India are being procured with O&M periods attached. The increasing specialisation of water treatment systems creates opportunities for water companies with established international expertise and a greater chance for new technologies to be implemented.

3.       Urban water supply and sanitation: The government is continuing to commit considerable spend for urban water supply and sanitation through such programmes as the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) and the Smart Cities Mission.

4.       Wider adoption of ZLD and advanced technologies: Growing industrial water reuse and the drive towards ZLD means advanced technologies are sought to increase water recovery rates and reduce discharge volumes. Wider adoption of these technologies drives the need for more effective secondary and tertiary treatment to optimise these processes.

5.       Private Sector Participation:  The estimated expenditure for water infrastructure required in India far surpasses the financial capacity of the Indian government, and therefore private finance to meet these demands is being actively encouraged. There are prospects for BOTs in the longer term and an increased involvement of the private sector in the water market both in financing and operation.

Key Features

-          Municipal Forecasts  - including a breakdown of capital expenditure on desalination, water supply and wastewater

-          Industrial Forecasts – a breakdown by industry  of capital expenditure on  process water and wastewater treatment systems

-          Municipal Drivers and Trends – find out which new initiatives will drive opportunities in water supply; understand the major technology trends in water and wastewater treatment; and identify upcoming water, wastewater and desalination projects.

-          Industrial Drivers and Trends –understand the unique regulations and technology demands in each industry and find a niche for your technology

-          Market Dynamics – the report explores market players, market entry strategies and procurement models for the municipal and industrial sectors, so you can identify potential partners, competitors and routes into the market.

Report Preview

Take a look at a Market Profile for India Water Markets from Global Water Intelligence magazine here.

You can download a preview article for the India Water Markets report here.

Who should buy this report?

·         Operators and full solution providers – both municipal and industrial clients are increasingly looking for private operators to look after their systems. Find out how to position your business to take advantage of this growing trend 

·         Technology providers and equipment suppliers – Discover how regulatory trends for wastewater are driving demand for more advanced solutions and how to penetrate this exciting market with your technology

·         EPC contractors – find out the main sectors of business opportunities in a growing economy with a high priority of investments in the development of water systems and establishment of more advanced wastewater treatments


Industries covered:

-          Power

-          Refining and Petrochemicals

-          Pharmaceuticals

-          Food and Beverage

-          Industrial Parks/ Clusters

-          Steel


You can download the table of contents for the India Water Markets report here.


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