Industrial Water Services & Chemicals: Managing water needs through outsourced operations

Industrial Water Services & Chemicals: Managing water needs through outsourced operations


The management of water and wastewater in industry is becoming increasingly challenging for end-users across the globe. With regulations relating to wastewater treatment and discharge growing ever-more stringent and the cost of sourcing water continually rising, operators of industrial plants are seeking full water management services to provide cost-effective solutions that maximise water and energy efficiency, allowing them to focus on their core production businesses. Industrial Water Services & Chemicals: Managing water needs through outsourced operations provides you with the necessary insight to target those industrial market sectors in which these solutions are most in demand.

Market Drivers

  • Corporate specialisation: Water is often perceived as a secondary importance, with end-users increasingly wanting to focus solely on their own core business. This is driving a move away from internal water personnel towards external service experts to take control of water aspects.
  • Low-quality feedwater sources: Water scarcity, and higher competition for freshwater resources, is significantly reducing water availability for industrial use. End-users are subsequently adopting alternative water sources that are typically of lower quality and are thus more challenging to manage and require additional treatment.
  • Risk management: In line with more difficult feedwater and progressively more stringent regulations, the financial and environmental risks associated with a failure of water systems have increased substantially for end-users. Any mistakes can have significant negative consequences for their business, driving the demand for outsourcing contracts.
  • Increasing demand for full water solutions: End-users are increasingly seeking full solutions in which equipment, as well as chemicals, operations and management services are included within one complete package. This approach reduces the number of third-parties involved with the water system and decreases the associated level of risk.
  • Water reuse and recycling: Industrial plant operators are becoming ever-more concerned with environmental sustainability as a result of tightening wastewater discharge regulations and water scarcity difficulties. Consequently, water reuse and recycling is becoming more commonplace and requires greater water expertise to achieve this.



  • Demand for wastewater treatment and recycling expertise: The drive towards water reuse and recycling in industrial applications is placing higher importance on wastewater streams. As it is more difficult to treat to a level suitable for reuse, it requires greater chemical usage as well as more advanced expertise, driving the demand for third-party involvement.
  • Water Management Prospects: As industrial production continues to grow in emerging countries, the rise in associated water requirements often expand beyond the end-users’ capacity to deal with water systems internally. Therefore the need for water management in these regions provides real prospects for water service companies and chemical providers who are active either on a global or even a local-scale.
  • Temporary water treatment systems, outsourcing and chemical treatment: Power generation, refining and petrochemicals are the largest industrial markets driving the demand for mobile solutions, outsourcing contracts and chemical treatment. Therefore, there are significant opportunities for many different types of companies to gain involvement in these sectors
  • Full Solutions Providers: Industrial end-users currently work with several third-parties to meet their water management needs and this can often cause logistical and contractual difficulties for the client. There is therefore a growing demand for companies which can provide full water solutions that cover water treatment, chemicals and management services.
  • Industrial Wastewater Services: Opportunities in industrial wastewater also relate to the end-users’ typical view that it is an inconvenient waste product. This stream is not usually a priority for end-users because it does not directly impact their production operations, therefore they are keener to outsource this externally and pass control to third-parties. This report will reveal why there are good opportunities for services companies that can extract value from wastewater.


Key Features

This report covers a range of vital water services that are essential to industrial users:

  1. Water treatment chemicals – including a forecast breakdown of operating expenditure on different chemical types by applications such as boiler water, cooling water, process water and wastewater, as well as by industry, to identify where the highest demand for chemicals in industry lie.
  2. Consumable services – exploring spending on replacement parts, regenerating services and cleaning services for membranes, ion exchange resins, and activated carbon.
  3. Outsourcing contracts and mobile solutions – find out how prevalent outsourcing in industry really is, what is driving end-users to adopt BOT/BOO and DBO/O&M contracts, and understand the major trends behind mobile water solution demands in industry.
  4. Industrial utilities – identify opportunities in major regions, including China, the Middle East, Europe and North America.
  5. Oil & Gas Water Management Services – understand the unique demands for water solutions in the oil & gas sector, including sourcing of water and treatment for water floods and fracturing, produced water transport, produced water treatment and water disposal services.

Industries Covered

  •         Power
  •         Refining and Petrochemicals
  •         Oil & Gas
  •         Food & Beverage
  •         Pulp & Paper
  •         Mining
  •         Commercial and Institutional
  •         Industrial Parks

Who should buy this report?

  • Operators and full solution providers – industrial clients are continually looking for third-party operators to take full control of their water systems. Discover in which industries demand for complete solutions is being driven, and where opportunities exist for temporary solutions such as mobile treatment.
  • Chemical suppliers -discover how regulatory trends and end-user initiatives are impacting chemical usage, and which industries or water applications provide the greatest opportunities for your chemical solutions.
  • Oilfield service companies – find out the trends behind the different elements of the oil & gas sector to identify how to position your business and take advantage of such developments.

Forecast Categories

Spending by service type (these are all broken down by region, see breakdown below) [* means outsourced services]

Utility treatment and sourcing

o   Municipal utility charges and permits

o   Industrial utilities

o   BOT/BOO*

·         Energy

Chemicals (see additional breakdown below)

o   Direct sales

o   Under service contracts

o   Service revenues*

·         Parts and consumables

o   Direct sales

o   Under service contracts

o   Equipment maintenance contracts*

o   Media & consumables services*

·         Treatment services

o   Operations contracts*

o   Mobile water services* (see additional breakdown below)

o   Specialist services*

o   In-house operations

·         Oil & Gas water management services*


Breakdown of chemicals forecast

·         By industry

o   Upstream oil & gas

o   Refining & petrochemicals

o   Power generation

o   Mining

o   Food & beverage

o   Pulp & paper

o   Commercial & institutional

o   Other (metals processing, chemicals, textiles, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, general manufacturing, etc)

·         By application

o   Internal boiler treatment

o   Cooling system treatment

o   Process water treatment

o   Process wastewater treatment

o   Other water applications

·         Chemical type

o   Coagulants/flocculants

o   Biocides

o   pH control

o   Corrosion inhibitors

o   Scale inhibitors

o   Other (e.g. dust suppressants, defoamers)


Breakdown of mobile water forecast

·         By industry

o   Refining & chemicals

o   Power generation

o   Mining & metals processing

o   Food & beverage

o   Pulp & paper

o   Other


Regional forecast breakdown

·         Region

o   North America

o   Latin America / Caribbean

o   Europe / Central Asia

o   East Asia / Pacific

o   Southern Asia


o   Middle East / Africa

Forecast Sample

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Table of Contents

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