Industrial Water Technology Markets 2015: Meeting industrial needs in process water treatment and wastewater reuse

  • Published: February 2nd, 2015
  • Author: Global Water Intelligence
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Industrial Water Technology Markets 2015: Meeting industrial needs in process water treatment and wastewater reuse


Industrial water is the fastest growing sector of the global water market. Each industry faces substantial challenges in their business, including tighter water quality standards, regulations on wastewater discharge, and pressure on scarce water resources.

Water technology companies will find major opportunities in this market if they solve the problems of industrial water users with cost-effective, innovative solutions that improve efficiency. This report will identify where to pitch your technology in the market – helping your business benefit from the rapid growth in this sector.

What does this report contain?

Industrial Water Technology Markets shows you how water scarcity and tightening regulations are driving new trends in technology across eight key industrial sectors. It reviews the existing technological trends in each sector and then hones in on the technology gaps that are creating opportunities for new solutions in each market. It analyses existing and emerging applications for technologies in industrial water treatment processes. New and innovative technologies with the potential to break into the market are presented in detail, as well as market sizing and projected growth for your technology.


The report investigates in each industry the applications of the following technology functions:

  • Oil/Water Separation
  • Suspended Solids Removal
  • Dissolved Solids Removal
  • Biological Treatment/Nutrient & Metals Recovery
  • Disinfection/Oxidation


Market Drivers

Offering you in-depth analysis of industrial needs

Industrial Water Technology Markets shows you the technologies that end-users are looking for, their expectations from water technology suppliers, and how receptive to new technologies they are.

We bring you exclusive intelligence on:

  • The Technology Gaps in Industrial Water Treatment – Find a niche for your technology in the challenges that different sectors are facing.
  • Where You Can Sell Your Technology – This report will show you which regions and industries have the greatest interest in new technologies and a demand for your solution
  • What End-Users Want Technologies to Deliver – Helping you to deliver a robust pitch to your prospective clients so that you can meet their water requirements

Key Features

This report is a unique guide to the landscape of water technologies involved in industrial water and wastewater treatment, and how they can meet the challenges and demands of end-users, including the following features: 

  • Global forecasts of spending on key technologies for process water, ultrapure water, and wastewater treatment by industry, technology and region – Offering a granular view of the best opportunities for your technology in the next five years
  • End-User Needs – This report focuses on the challenges faced by industrial water users and the technologies that can solve these problems, so you know exactly how to win business in your target markets. We show you the unique market drivers and requirements for the eight most water intensive industries
  • Technology Profiles – Discover the impact that 50 key current and emerging technologies are making in different industries, as well as a comprehensive directory of water treatment technologies and suppliers, so you can position your solution in the market.




Industries Covered

This report looks at the unique challenges and requirements of the most water-intensive industrial sectors, including:

  • Upstream Oil and Gas
  • Refining & Petrochemicals
  • Mining & Metal Processing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Microelectronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power Generation


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Market Forecast Categories

Download market forecast categories to understand the comprehensive scope of this report.

Is this the right report for you?

Who should read this report?

Water Technology Companies – Understand which new technology trends are driving opportunities in the market, identify which industries in which regions have a demand for your technology and pinpoint your competitors in the market with our technology profiles. For companies looking to raise funds, the forecasts in this report will strengthen your pitch and strategy when dealing with investors.

Finance and Investors – This report is a must-have resource for firms that are new to the water sector, offering an overview of the most important technologies and emerging trends. Identify the strongest markets, most promising technologies and the potential value of a company, so you can maximise your return on your investment.

Engineers and EPC Contractors – Identify the top new technologies in the industry and adopt those that will enable you to differentiate your business from your competitors. Plan your research and development strategies and identify potential partners or competitors in the industry.

End-Users – Assess which trends are gaining traction in other industries and identify technologies that can help you reduce costs and improve efficiency. Understand what technologies are available on the market and review the technologies offered by EPC contractors and consulting engineers.