Private Sector Participation in Water: Opportunities for Investment and Expertise

  • Published: December 24th, 2014
  • Author: Global Water Intelligence
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Private Sector Participation in Water: Opportunities for Investment and Expertise


The global water industry is on the verge of significant structural change. Driven by the need to improve performance and changes in the financing environment, the clear lines between the public and private sector will become increasingly blurred over the next decade. It will create a flood of opportunity for both investors and water service companies.

Private Sector Participation in Water documents these emerging opportunities both for those looking to deploy capital in the sector and those interested in new business models for selling their expertise into the sector. It lays out all the information you will need to develop a dynamically successful strategy to make the most of the new paradigm for water service delivery.

This report represents a complete analysis of the current status of public private partnerships in water globally as well as a forecast of future activity based on in-depth analysis of current market drivers and restraints. It includes a comprehensive database of private water projects since 2000, as well as a full listing of future opportunities. Its publication is timed to coincide with a global turning point in the market, presenting readers with crucial insight into the emerging trends which will drive the success of their business in the decade to come.


Market Drivers - 5 factors driving change

Five Factors are Driving the Change:

Public Sector Finances: After the financial crisis, the public sector took a broader role in supporting the economy, but this trend is now reversing as public bodies struggle under increased debt burdens and public anger at above inflation tax and tariff increases.

New Business Models: Universal outsourcing remains a difficult sell in political terms, but public sector utilities are showing more interest in accessing private sector expertise than ever. New performance-based contractual models are emerging which offer a much broader scope for private companies to partner with public utilities.

Low Interest Rates and the Pensions Crisis: Savvy investment funds have recognised the massive opportunity that exists in the water infrastructure sector to meet demand for low risk steady yield investments in this low interest rate environment. Low interest rates are also exacerbating municipal pensions deficits, creating a growing interest in monetising municipal water assets to plug the hole in their finances.

Growing Water Challenges: The increased prevalence of droughts and floods as a result of global warming, ageing underground infrastructure, pressures on energy consumption and increased environmental awareness are forcing utilities to think creatively about how they can do more for less.

Accessing Technologies: New technologies have the potential to transform the efficiency and environmental performance of the water utility sector, but fragmentation remains an immense challenge. New business models enabling utilities to access best in class technologies without requiring in-house expertise are rapidly gaining acceptance in the market place.


Recent significant deals

Recent deals that illustrate that change is in the air include:
  • Sydney Water’s long term lease of its Kurnell desalination plant at a A$300 million profit to infrastructure investors in a deal which had a positive impact on the utility’s rate payers
  • New York City’s performance contract with a consortium of McKinsey and Veolia which delivered more than $100 million of savings with no loss of control
  • Abengoa’s $3.4 billion privately financed water pipeline bringing fresh water to the San Antonio Water System


Key Features:

  • Global forecasts for the market value of operations contracts and capital investment and regional market size forecasts – so you can understand how the market will work for your business in the coming years.
  • Database of over 2,000 PPP projects – when you buy this report, you have access to the most comprehensive PPP project tracking spreadsheet available, containing in-depth data and information for each project listed
  • Understand the emerging investment trends and operation contract models and the opportunities that will emerge for the private sector in the next 5 years – the report explores how concession models have changed since the boom in the 1990’s and identifies the types of PPP projects that will be commissioned.
  • Identify the top 20 markets for private sector participation and understand how your business needs to approach the market – the report provides 20 extended country profiles for the countries that will offer the biggest opportunities and explains how each market works in practice, so you can identify the markets with the best prospects and plan your strategy for involvement. Regional overviews are also included.
  • Understand the global outlook for PPP projects – the report also offers regional overviews, so you can see a complete picture of where the market is heading.
  • Pinpoint the key players in operation contracts and capital investment markets – the report provides company profiles for the 10 most important players in the market, so you can identify your potential partners and competitors, understand their strategies and find your niche in the market. 40 small profiles are also included.



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Who Should Read this Report:

Private Sector Participation in Water: Opportunities for Investment and Expertise is your guide to where the best growth is to be found in this rapidly changing market place. It is an essential information tool for the following groups:

Investors: how can early movers make the most of new openings for private capital in the water sector?

Market Entrants: how can newcomers adopt new business models to out-flank the established operators and establish a global presence?

Private Operators: where are the richest opportunities for new contracts and what propositions are gaining most traction with clients?

Water Technology Companies: what are the opportunities to accelerate market penetration through public-private partnerships?

EPC Contractors: what is the best strategy to build on-going revenue streams in the water industry?

Water Utilities: what is the best way to engage private sector partners to maximise value to rate-payers?

Government Officials: what are the best strategies for driving performance and releasing value in the water sector?

International Financial Institutions: What are the implications of the new environment for private sector participation for impact investment in water?