The Visibility Revolution: Regulations and Technology Bundle

The Visibility Revolution: Regulations and Technology Bundle


- The WaterData Regulations Database
- The GWI Market Insight 
- Water’s Digital Future


Technological development and regulation are fundamentally connected, and typically regulations have defined the market for water technology, and informed the development of smart solutions. However, this cause-effect relationship between regulation and technology is changing in market across the globe. The development of new, more accurate detection methods and technologies, providing information in close to real time, has shone a brighter light on water quality issues, as well as the flaws in current regulations. At the same time, improvements in treatment technologies mean it is now possible to address problems that were once intractable. 

Featuring the online WaterData Regulations Database, and the GWI Market Insight and Water's Digital Future reports, The Visibility Revolution: Regulations and Technology bundle will help you understand the dynamics of the smart solutions market, and identify the opportunities for it that are emerging from regulatory developments in water markets across the world. 

Use Water’s Digital Future to map the entire monitoring, control and data system market so you can see how smart solutions are being adopted, who is active in the market and what they are doing. Then, with the WaterData Regulations Database and GWI Market Insight, examine the regulatory environment and quality standards for 40 countries, and view expert analysis of regulatory developments, so you can position your business to make use of the growth opportunities emerging from regulation. 

Water’s Digital Future:

Big data is changing the face of the water industry, and the management of data-driven monitoring and control systems will increasingly infiltrate every part of the water business. Driven by continued water quality regulations and the need to improve process efficiencies and optimise system performance, there has been an increased uptake of monitoring and control systems that are able to detect changes in real-time, in turn changing the way water quality is measured and regulated across the world.

Water's Digital Future is the first report of its kind that provides a comprehensive guide to the entire monitoring, control and data system market across the full breadth of the water industry. Find out more here

WaterData Regulations Database:

The WaterData Regulations Database is an extensive online directory of all current regulations and guidelines relating to quality standards for potable water, municipal wastewater disposal and reuse, and treated sludge in 40 countries, allowing your business to assess the prime markets for your solutions, and identify potential opportunities for tailoring technologies to meet emerging challenges. Find out more here

The GWI Market Insight:

This digital report analyses the key global themes driving regulations, water quality targets and incentives around the world, and their impact on water markets at a global and national level. It examines the relationship between technological developments and regulatory change, exploring how improved detection and public understanding of water quality issues is increasing the socio-political risk of non-compliance, obliging utilities to be more pro-active in identifying and dealing with pollution, and driving opportunities for new treatment technologies.

Featuring key country profiles and future trends in regulatory development and compliance, The Market Insight highlights where regulations have forced investment in treatment technology and plant upgrades, with reference to specific utility project case studies to aid your market research. Find out more here