GWI Analysts' Report: Water for Mining in Latin America

  • Published: July 7th, 2014
  • Author: Global Water Intelligence
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GWI Analysts' Report: Water for Mining in Latin America


This report shows you exactly where the business is happening right now and which part of the water cycle offers the best prospects in that region, so you can really drill into which areas match your business portfolio.

This short report gives you the information you need to move your business forward in the Latin American mining market – including procurement models and supply chain analysis, so you can plan your movements in the market.

Key Features:

• Understand the trends driving the market, focusing on Chile and Peru as well as highlighting interesting trends in Brazil and Mexico
• Understand which part of the water cycle offers the best opportunities – covering water supply, effluent treatment for discharge and water reuse potential
• Learn about existing and emerging water technology investment trends and the key market players – so you can position your solution in the market
• Develop your business plan in the Latin American mining market for the next five years. This report offers most current forecasts for the market available, covering infrastructure, pumps and equipment
• Plan your route into the market - we show you exactly how the market works in practice. Offering procurement models and supply chain analysis, this report shows you how to do business in that market and who to build relationships with for success


 The report will include the following forecasts:

  • Infrastructure
  • Pumps
  • Equipment for:
    - seawater desalination systems
    - process water treatment systems
    - wastewater treatment systems



We will cover Peru, Chile in most detail, then to a lesser extent will cover the highlights in Brazil and Mexico.

It will answer the following questions:

• Where is the business taking place?
o Where (countries, regions) are the big projects and which ones are these? Why?
 large mining projects
 large water projects (due to challenging mining conditions: water scarcity, low ore concentration, company’s water stewardship culture, etc)

o Which areas (which part of the business/water cycle) offer the biggest opportunities?
 Water supply (desalination, etc)
 Effluent treatment (for discharge)
 Reuse (in their industrial processes)
 Metal recovery (‘from waste to value streams’)

• Treatment technologies
o Treatment train /technologies used
o Trends on technology: Why ‘A’ is used? What are the incentives? (regulations, policies, etc)
o How much of the total investment in a mining project goes into water treatment?

• How does business take place? Who are the key players?
o Supply chain
o Players
o procurement models


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