Water for Offshore Oil and Gas: Opportunities in sulphate removal, produced water treatment and deepwater operations

  • Published: October 1st, 2014
  • Author: Global Water Intelligence
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Water for Offshore Oil and Gas: Opportunities in sulphate removal, produced water treatment and deepwater operations


It is predicted that the number of offshore platforms installed per year will double between 2011 and 2016, representing the continued growth in the offshore oil and gas sector. Driven by increasing global energy demand and technological improvements, E&P companies are increasingly exploiting deepwater fields and investing in solutions to maximise production from mature oilfields. This report will highlight the exciting opportunities for water companies to provide solutions to meet these market developments.

Public pressure, tightening regulations for produced water, depleting shallow water resources and new deepwater developments require significant capital investment from E&P companies. The water sector can help reduce the risks of these investments by providing new and sophisticated treatment technologies for water injection. This report is a must-have resource if you want to identify the markets and regions with the most potential - so you can explore the potential of this market for your business.




The report analyses the two major avenues of opportunity for water companies working within the sector:

Water Injection and Enhanced Oil Recovery
E&P companies are investing to maintain production in mature fields, with the added challenge of operating in difficult and inhospitable offshore environments. This report looks at opportunities for innovative water treatment solutions to capitalize on the resources available, the report focuses on:

  • Sulphate Removal Systems – As the complexities of offshore deepwater oil development increase, so has the use of specialized membrane systems to remove suphate from the seawater used for waterfloods and pressure maintenance. We explore the opportunities for solutions that enable E&Ps to maintain production levels and increase well productivity.
  • Low-salinity water – although still being tested by some E&P’s, pilot data suggest that this incremental oil recovery using this method can be potentially significant. We explore the future potential for companies offering low-salinity pre-treatment solutions that can improve the ‘wettability’ of reservoirs and maximise production for E&P’s.
  • Enhanced oil recovery – EOR increased the amount of oil that can be extracted from a well by reducing the viscosity of the oil. This report outlines how advanced water treatment solutions can support chemical injection for EOR.


Produced Water ManagementE&P companies are investing in solutions that enable them to meet and surpass regional regulations for produced water treatment and disposal, driven largely by public concerns and the drive to sustain brand reputation. The report investigates regional regulations and water management practices, so you can understand the challenges E&P’s face and how these obstacles are creating avenues of opportunity for water treatment suppliers.

Market breakdown

 Water for Offshore and Gas offers a global picture of the industry and then focuses on the fastest growing markets with the most important activity, including developments in the South China Sea and deepwater Atlantic fields.
This report is the only resource you need to establish an accurate picture of the regions that offer the best prospects for your business and to plan a strategy for responding to the demands of each market. For each regional market we show you the total offshore oil and gas production, produced water volumes, major E&P companies and an insight into the challenges the industry faces. Finally, in a section on market dynamics, we analyse key players, supply chain and procurement models for water treatment equipment.

Water for Offshore Oil and Gas investigates the following markets:
• Brazil
• Gulf of Mexico
• North Sea
• Caspian Sea
• Persian Gulf
• West Africa
• Asia Pacific

Summary of contents

See a summary of the contents below or download the full Water for Offshore Oil and Gas table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Water injection
3. Produced Water Treatment
4. Regions Part 1
4.1. Brazil
4.2. North Sea
4.3. Gulf of Mexico
5. Regions Part 2
5.1. West Africa
5.2. Persian Gulf
5.3. Caspain Sea
5.4. Asia Pacific
6. Procurement in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Market forecast categories

 - Produced water treatment systems
- Water injection systems
- Monitoring/analysis equipment